4 Fun Gothy Cookbooks for Entertaining

"Thinner You With a Vampire." (Groan). "New Orleans Irresistible Cuisine on a Diet!" Recipes include Jugular Juice, O Negative Sangria, Breaking Dawn Blood Orange Martini, The Himmicane & Claudia's Sucker Punch! Enjoy Sookie's Cookies, Velvet La Rouge Cake, Vamp Slayer's Gumbo, Lost Boyz Po-Boyz, Fangtasia's Shrimp Creole, Bite Me Bread Pudding, No Pulse-No Problem Remoulade Sauce & Bloodsucking Bloke's Blue Salad.

Recipe for Murder: Frightfully Good Food Inspired by Fiction. This book features 32 recipes inspired by scoundrels from popular literature and fairy tales. Recipes include the Queen of Hearts' treacle tart, the Big Bad Wolf's Pigs in Blankets, Snow White's evil stepmother's caramel apples, and even a dish from Dracula.

Absinthe Cocktails is an elegant, sophisticated book of recipes, plus a buying guide. Recipes include "Judgment Day" and one named after a certain knife-wielding barber...

Zombie Cupcakes: "From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses." This cute book was recently published in March. Recipes include Toxic Bite cupcakes, Zombie Rising cupcakes, cupcakes called "Keep an Eye Out" and a tasty version called "Destroy the Brain."