Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goth and Horror View Master Reels

Back "in the day" when I was a little girl in the 1970s, my brother and I fought vicious, bloody battles over whose turn it was to look into our View Master. Our reels were really boring - Winnie the Pooh, Bible stories and mindnumbing black-and-white photos of Arizona. (We did have a nice Star Trek reel at least).

How I wish we could have enjoyed a bit darker, creepier fare on our long unsupervised Friday nights. (Mom was watching Dallas and enjoying a bit of brandy!)

This set of Dark Shadows View Master reels is sure to command a higher price after the Tim Burton movie debuts, so add it to your collection now.

The Bram Stoker's Dracula View Master dates from 1976 and includes a read-along storybook. I think this actually would have been too creepy for me as a kid, weirdo though I was.

No horror View Master collection would be complete without Frankenstein, also dating from 1976.

The same seller also offers a vintage set of Addams Family View Master reels. (There's another Addams family auction here, too).

This collectible View Master packet contains three reels from "The Munsters," the 1960s horror comedy TV show. It also comes with the original booklet describing the episode "The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World."


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Goth Birthday Cakes

Does someone gothic and special to you have a birthday coming up? Present them with a beautiful goth birthday cake, adorned with a faux silver candelabra.

The Cake Candelabra is new from one of my favorite companies, Fred and Friends.

Serve the cake on this 20" spider web lace doily for extra goth points.

Play the Cruxshadows "Birthday" video as you light the candles!

Tonner's Halloween Devil and Death Dolls

The Tonner Devil and Death dolls come with fabulous costumes and a decorative display stand base.

The dolls are inspired by the Major Arcana tarot cards. Death includes a resin scythe, and the Devil features horns and removable wings.

These dolls were made for the Tonner doll convention.

I've never seen a conventional doll company make something this beautifully dark and evil!

This listing for the Death doll by herself, states that these were made as a limited edition of just 100.

Wickedly Wonderful Skull Clutch Purses

I don't think I can afford one, but I am so enamored with these Butler & Wilson skull clutches. They're covered in Swarovski crystal-covered tiny skulls. The clasp is accentuated with red crystals to give the skulls glowing eyes.

Prefer silver? Here's the silver skull clutch bag, lined in silver leather.

They also designed this unwieldy (I'm not sure how you'd actually clutch it!) skull-shaped clutch bag. It does come with a chain to make carrying it easier. Open it by pushing two tiny skulls near the top of it. (There's also a similar skull clutch in pewter).


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