Back-to-School Shopping for Goths: Backpacks

Send your goth kid to school with an unusual, interesting backpack. They won't want to show up with Twilight or heavy metal-themed backpacks, so let them express their style with something cool and a bit spooky.

I'm pretty sure you'd get in trouble if you actually wore this zombie baby backpack to your school!

This skeleton backpack features a broken heart.

If your tastes run towards romantigoth or elegant gothic, here's a lovely black-and-white damask backpack.

Anybody remember American McGee's Alice? Here's an Alice-themed backpack.

Here's a plain old black-and-white backpack with a repeating skull and crossbones pattern.

Or perhaps you prefer a giant skull all over the front of your backpack? Sold by Spencer's Gifts.

Here's an unusual backpack: it's shaped like a coffin. Not sure if the odd angles would make it difficult to fit textbooks inside this though!

This Nightmare Before Christmas backpack shows Jack Skellington's smiling face. Teal is my favorite color, so I'd be tempted to buy this one if I actually needed a backpack right now.

This Jack Skellington backpack features a spiderweb theme on red and black.

Jack is again the star of this Nightmare Before Christmas backpack, but I'm not sure what's up with the skull motif near the bottom. I don't remember that exact image from the movie.

I'm not sure why a backpack needs to have a hood attached to it.. but here's a cool Invader Zim "Gir" backpack.

This Vampire teeth bag is more of a drawstring tote bag than a proper backpack. Perhaps it would work well to hold just a couple notebooks for someone just taking a class or two

This is a very rare promotional True Blood backpack from HBO. It's also insanely expensive.

This Hammer House of Horror backpack is sold in the UK, so it's quite likely your gothling would be the only one at their school wearing one.

Ok, so this Frankenstein Backpack Buddy is very small and barely holds anything. But it's so damn cute!