Cool Goth and Horror Posters for Dorm Rooms

Going to college this fall? Don't let your dorm room bore you with mundane decor. Express your dark tastes and interests with a goth or horror poster or two. If your roommate doesn't like it, they can get revenge on you with their nasty Bieber fever or something.

This Dead Can Dance poster is from their album Into the Labyrinth.

The iconic Boys Don't Cry poster shows Robert Smith's awesome hairdo.

Love Nightmare Before Christmas? Here's the iconic Nightmare Before Christmas spiral hill movie poster. I'm not a big fan of yellow, though.

Here's another take on the iconic Jack on the spiral hill motif. I like this colorful one better.

This Nightmare Before Christmas poster glows in the dark and under blacklight! Very cool.

This gothic artwork by Victoria Frances is a cloth hanging for your wall. Elegant and mournful, but not too spooky.

Delight visitors with your sense of Lovecraftian humor: Display this Cthulhu Crossing poster proudly.

If you're a fan of Tim Burton's Alice movie, you can decorate your room with this Mad Hatter poster. After all, who wouldn't want to see Johnny Depp's smiling face every day?

Frighten your dorm mates with this black-and-white Frankenstein poster, which depicts Boris Karloff in the 1931 film.

Or perhaps you'd prefer this more stylized Frankenstein poster from an earlier vision of Frankenstein.

Prefer vampires to monsters? Here's the classic Bela Lugosi as Dracula, glaring down at you from your wall.

Or you might prefer to go a more colorful, schlocky, campy route: this Dracula poster, showing Bela Lugosi.

This French version of The Haunting poster displays a bit more cosmopolitan flair to your room. The film starred Julie Harris and was based on a Shirley Jackson novel.

Here's another film made on the same theme: The House on Haunted Hill, which starred Vincent Price.

You can really creep out visitors to your dorm room with Michael Whelan's Lovecraft Nightmare poster.

On second thought, this Emily the Strange poster is a bit too babyish for a college dorm room. Great for a high schooler's bedroom though.