Living Dead Dolls Series 22

Mezco's Living Dead Dolls Series 22 is inspired by zombies.

"Goria" wears a charming ruffly blue Southern Belle style gown and hat.

You really, really don't want to take her hat off though!

Her box says "This Southern Belle came Straight From Hell Dripping with Blood and All Sorts of Crud."

Ava is a little blonde girl dressed in a pink rain coat.

"Ava was dressed that day for an apocalyptic flood. When she stumbled upon zombies she found a rain of blood." (That poem doesn't work as well as the others, grumble.)

Menard's box reads "Trapped on an island, cursed with voodoo, the dead are among us and they want to eat you!"

Roxie's poem says "She awoke, Painful hunger on her mind, taste for brains of the living she must find." (Another not-so-great rhyme!)

Peggy Goo, the car hop waitress, is my favorite in the series. "Over to your car Peggy Goo will skate, serving her favorite dish, your brains on a plate."

You can buy all five Series 22 dolls in the same fell swoop, too.


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