Now They're Making Zombie Books for Little Kids

There's no way my mother would have let me read "Zombie in Love" when I was four to eight years old! It tells the story of Mortimer, a zombie who very much wants to be in love.

At the Zombie Nite Cafe, ghouls, werewolves, and veiny eyeballs order meals such as "scrambled brains" and "malformed meat patties." Another book designed for four-to-eight year olds.

Also available on eBay.


  1. why not. i grew up on a diet of the little vampire, victor vampire activitie books, grousome fact files from the filo fax collection, and horrid hostories, vile victorians being THE best. my daughter is 2 and thinks my dead rising collectors figure zombie is a dolly, she hugs him and thinks nothing of him being scary (shes scred when the zombie apocolypse happens lol), and she runs around the house yelling, "vampires go rar" and is into skeletons just sooo buying these books for her. as long as shes not just reading books about the undead and is gettng a healthy diet of "normal" and educational then i think theyre great. thanks for posting them :o)


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