Spider Stretch Rings - Not Just for Halloween

Now that I'm an elderly eldergoth who put on a few pounds after marriage and divorce, I'm finding my rings don't fit my fingers anymore. That makes me sad, but I've discovered fun stretch rings that fit just fine. My fingers do get a bit tired of the bands after just a couple of hours though, and I find myself fiddling with them a bit. Meanwhile, here are some adorable gothy spider rings I'm admiring on eBay.

Add beautiful red tones to your Victorian goth outfit with this red spider stretch ring. (I don't really like the gold tips on the legs, though. Wish it were silver or pewter).

Or perhaps you prefer a darker jewel tone, such as this purple spider ring.

Too colorful for you? Here's the black version.

It's refreshing to see black crystals on a spider stretch ring, instead of too-blingy clear Swarovski crystals.

Here's a smaller, darker spider stretch ring.

I'm a bit disturbed by the sharp looking legs on this red and black stretch ring. A bit too creepy!