Dark Side of the Home: Goth Candles

This D.L.&Co. skull with lizard candle is sold at Barneys. This would look awesome perched on a shelf in a darkened musty book-filled home library.

Throw away the hideous yellow packaging, then set out, light and enjoy the black waxed dark rum candle, also sold at Barneys.

Cast candles from Et Al Designs are psychotically expensive, but so darkly elegant. Each candle in the line is shaped like an antique candleholder. Given that they burn just 12, 17 or 20 hours at the most, would you burn yours, or leave it on the table as an exquisite goth design statement? I like that this doesn't look like cheapo Halloween decor.

Speaking of extremely cool, expensive candles: check out the Black Spike candle on Vivre. This custom made soy candle can be fragranced with your choice of amber, fig, tuberose, beach, cedarwood, gardenia, jasmine, orchid, vetiver, or sage. (It's also made in a chocolate spike candle and in an ice spike candle).

From the Paddywax Library Collection, their Edgar Allan Poe candle is scented with Cardamom, Absinthe and Sandalwood.

I'm not a fan of the color green, so while the box this Hemlock candle is packaged in is extraordinarily spooky and beautiful, I wouldn't want to burn this candle in sight. Still, it's scented with hemlock, oak moss and black pine, a badass combination.

I'd use this Day of the Dead skull votive holder year-round, but I also think it would be really kickass on Valentine's Day.