Goth Umbrellas for a Bleak Rainy Springtime

Living in Seattle as I do, rainfall is an almost daily occurrence this time of year. So one keeps an umbrella in the coat closet, the car and even one's purse. However, I'm guilty of just throwing whatever random umbrella I have into my bag and running out of the house. I'd like to have prettier, more stylish umbrellas for my brave ventures out of the house on days with downpours.

Later in the year we can use lovely satin and ruffly parasols to keep the sun off of us, but this time of year we need nylon to protect us from rain. Be sure any umbrella or parasol you buy is made of the right material for the season you need it for.

This black ruffly umbrella works in rain or for protection from sunshine as well.

Here's a chic way to embrace your inner goth's love of stripes, but with a modern update. This black-and-white striped umbrella is from Marimekko.

Here's an elegant dark floral old-fashioned design for a romantigoth.

If you don't mind passersby re-enacting "Talk Like a Pirate Day" constantly on the street, you might enjoy traipsing about underneath your own Jolly Roger umbrella. Sadly, your shoulder parrot won't likely be very comfy underneath it.

I prefer this subtler skull and crossbones umbrella with a small repeating pattern.

I love the shape of this black-and-white Parisian pagoda umbrella. It works as a rain umbrella as well as a sun shade, but I am a little worried about how it would stand up in a bad gust of wind.

I'm afraid this black and blue skulls umbrella is a bit too wild and crazy for me. It's outside my comfort zone, but I can picture the right stompy-booted perkigoth really enjoying adding this to their wardrobe.

Too bad this Skelanimals umbrella is sized for little girls. Love it!

This understated dark grey striped umbrella would be great for corpgoths and male goths.

This similar skull umbrella, made by famed Italian house Pasotti Ombrelli, features a skull-shaped handle.

This lace Pasotti umbrella might be useful in steampunk or Victoriana cosplay.