Friday, April 27, 2012

Zombie Last Supper

Now here's a cool hobby idea for a rainy day: Go to a Catholic supply store, buy a plaster or plastic Last Supper figural statue, and spend quite a few hours painstakingly transforming it into an irreverent, gluttonous zombie feast. Awesome!

Goth and Horror Pinball Games

Should you win the lottery and want to outfit your dungeon, library, goth clubhouse or basement with really cool dark pinball games, you have many interesting possibilities ahead.

This rare Monster Bash pinball game features artwork depicting Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein's monster, The Mummy, Dracula, Wolfman, and Creature From the Black Lagoon. It was made by Williams in 1998.

This Frankenstein pinball machine was based on the 1994 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein movie. The artwork on the cabinet looks amazing. Inside, the game mechanics include a creepy looking monster head.

This Addams Family pinball machine is just like the one I play at Shorty's in Seattle. The playing field is really cool, there are spooky sound effects, and the game mechanics are pretty fun. Unfortunately the game at Shorty's is often broken. That's why this one is so tempting to save up for and put in my downstairs media room!

This Stern Dracula pinball machine features werewolves, skulls, and coffins on the play field, but not Dracula's face. Dracula shows up on the sides of the cabinet and on the scoreboard. This machine was built in 1979 and has been refurbished.

Egyptian Gods Plush

This twelve inch plush Anubis god toy carries an ankh in one hand and wears elegant gold Egyptian style clothing. Anubis is the funerary god, protecting and guarding the dead. How fitting a toy, then, for goth children.

This adorable little black plush jackal Anubis has gold satin ears and gold embroidered eyes. Imagine having your own ferocious little jackal god guarding over your bedroom at night!


Anubis, at Ancient History/

Anubis at Ancient Egypt Online

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grossest, Most Badass Blu-Ray Packaging of All Time

I can barely stop laughing long enough to write this post. This is just too cool; whoever thought up this packaging design and had the balls to submit it to corporate is just too awesome. This Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-Ray comes packaged in a well.. screwdriver-enhanced zombie head.

For obvious reasons, this is a limited edition set.

Here's a Youtube video preview of the zombie head statue case.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goth Rain Boots for a Dismal Spring

Splash about in style this spring in gothic rain boots!

These Capelli skull rain boots have a hidden secret: Inside, they're lined with a deep rich red lining.

These Broken Rose rain boots feature skulls on a damask background.

I'm a bit surprised to see high heels on these skull and crossbones rain boots. They're pretty fierce looking boots - it's refreshing to see non cutesey skulls on these. Here is a similar pair with a lower heel, from a US seller.

These smiling skull rain boots are a bit less menacing, however, if you prefer.

These zombie rain boots are from a UK-based seller. They're made by Iron Fist Clothing.

For perkigoths who like to utilize a bit of color, here are hot pink Betsey Johnson pink skull rain boots. There's another pair in size seven too.

Here's a pair of elegant black and white damask rain boots.

Labyrinth Toys

This worm plush toy is quite hard to find. I love the colors!

This incredible Jareth doll is a one-of-a-kind custom creation, made to look like David Bowie and his Jareth character.

The Goblin King is a cloth doll made by Diane and Stacey.

This ball jointed Goblin King doesn't really look like David Bowie to me, but I love the costuming.

This Jareth action figure was made by NECA.

Cover Your Kindle Fire With Something Goth and Chic

Here's a handmade Day of the Dead Kindle fire cover. Perfect for reading spooky ebooks on a rainy autumn evening.

The Verso Versailles cover has a lovely black-and-white damask print. Here's a similar damask cover on Etsy - I think I prefer this larger design actually.

This grey floral Kindle fire case is the height of muted elegance.

For steampunk aficionados, here's a clocks-themed Kindle fire cover. Also see this one with pocketwatches.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Silly Socks for Goths Brave Enough or Quirky Enough to Wear Them

These zombie socks for men feature cute little pink brains and rotting green zombies.

Zombie Knee High Socks are the version for girls.

Day of the Dead isn't just for the October, November Halloween season!

Vampire Kiss stockings are a little too reminiscent, for me, of the famous Rolling Stones logo for my comfort.. other than they sport fangs.

I know more than a few goth ninjas who would proudly, sneakily wear these ninja socks.

There's also a nice red-and-black pair of ninja socks for men.

These red-and-white striped pirate socks include a cute skull with a sarcastic winky smile.

Are you going to wear boring black socks tomorrow, or...?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales IV Wicked Queen and Snow White

The Scary Tales Snow White doll wears a white dress and black cape, as well as a terrified, stupified expression on her face. She's about to fall into the clutches of the Evil Queen!

The Evil Queen comes with ragged robes, and will wear "iron" torture shoes. She's ten inches tall, and of course comes packaged in the traditional Living Dead Dolls coffin.

Both dolls are a pre-order, part of Mezco's 2012 collection.

Monster High Furniture for 2012

The two grown women who live in my house, myself included, are not ashamed to be anxiously awaiting the release and acquisition of our 2012 Monster High playsets so we can play with our dolls on rainy afternoons!

The Monster High School Playset features a cafeteria with picnic bench, ghoulish cauldron of blood, two bowls of green icky looking stuff, spiderweb windows, coffin lockers, a classroom with desk and podium, a spiderweb clock, and an upstairs with sound system.

This Pre-order set includes Ghoulia Yelp's red-and-black scooter, and two Draculaura's Powder Room pieces: a footed bathtub, and a vanity table.

The Coffin Bean playset has a coffee shop theme. It includes a spooky looking black bookshelf, a couch, coffee table, and a Clawdeen Wolf doll.