Labyrinth Toys

This worm plush toy is quite hard to find. I love the colors!

This incredible Jareth doll is a one-of-a-kind custom creation, made to look like David Bowie and his Jareth character.

The Goblin King is a cloth doll made by Diane and Stacey.

This ball jointed Goblin King doesn't really look like David Bowie to me, but I love the costuming.

This Jareth action figure was made by NECA.


  1. Neca actually made two versions of the Goblin King. One wearing the outfit shown above, and one in his red outfit, complete with riding crop and Hoggle! I have both. Also, the version shown came in a taller size with a talking feature so that when his amulet was pressed he would speak phrases from the film. Unfortunately, it sounds rather sped up so David Bowie sounds like he did back in the days of "The Laughing Gnome".


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