Monday, May 28, 2012

Do You Suffer From Dreadfully Cold Feet at Night?

Well then just slip your chilly feet into these zombie plush slippers. Too big and clumsy for bed, but great for padding about the house in search of post-midnight snacks. Also available on eBay.

A similar pair, available on eBay, features detachable eyes and bloodier mouths.

Hansel & Gretel Scary Tales Living Dead Dolls

Mezco's third "Scary Tales" doll series is a bloody Hansel & Gretel. You can buy the dolls separately, but they don't make as much sense individually. Together, they can raid the witch's kitchen, shove her in the oven, and wander the forest giggling maniacally.

As a bonus, I almost think Gretel looks like Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, so the doll can do double duty in your playful reenactments.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Unusual Goth, Steampunk and Zombie Tarot Decks

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead comes out June 5. You probably won't be surprised that it's published by Quirk Books.

Check out a review of the deck at Zhadi's Den. And there are a ton of closeup scans of the cards at Annie Moore Books blog.

The Royo Dark Tarot Deck, from Lo Scarabeo, features Spanish artist Luis Royo's dark fantasy illustrations. New this month!

The Steampunk Tarot is by Barbara Moore.

There's a review of this gorgeous new deck over at Tarot Elements. And here's a photo-free long review of the deck at Totally Tarot.

The Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot features imagery including skulls, bats, and then inexplicably, unicorns and dragons.

Peek at more of the cards at Magical Omaha and again at

The Alchemy 1977 Tarot deck leans more towards horror imagery.

Here is a promotional YouTube video featuring the Alchemy 1997 deck.

You can see closeups of the cards at

Prefer I Ching to Tarot readings? Here's the I Ching Dead Moon Deck.

The Dark Fairytale Tarot is due out any day now. You can see scans of the cards here and here.

The Favole Tarot is something I'm very excited about. It features the dark artwork of Victoria Frances. You can read a review of the deck at

Creepiest Way to Feed Yourself Raw Dead Fish

These Alien chopsticks come shaped like the Alien Queen, Face-Hugger, and Chest-Burster. They're available from a few eBay sellers.

They'll be available on Amazon around July 4. You'll be able to buy them singly, in case you want to eat off of Chest-Burster but can't bear the thought of putting Face-Hugger in your mouth.

Friday, May 25, 2012

5 Quite Useful Writing Books for Dark Authors

Writing the Paranormal Novel

Writing the Paranormal Novel:
Techniques and Exercises for Weaving Supernatural Elements Into Your Story.

Author Steven Harper guides you through gathering the elements of a paranormal novel; creating supernatural characters but also keeping it real; creating your arc, plot and subplot; handling paranormal pacing; working on dialogue; polishing your paranormal novel; and adds a chapter on facing reality, refusing criticism, and getting published.

Writing Steampunk

Writing Steampunk: Beth Daniels covers everything from creating your characters (both human and mechanical) to world building, using research aids, researching technology, where to begin, and finding markets for your work.

Encyclopedia of Vampires and Werewolves

Encyclopedia of Vampires and Werewolves: An excellent reference book to keep handy while you're researching your novel and working on writing it.

On Writing, by Stephen King

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. This memoir is a thought provoking book for writers of any genre, not just horror. It's not a how-to book, just a glimpse into how Stephen King became one of the most successful writers (not just genre writers) in the world.

On Writing Horror

On Writing Horror: A Handbook by the Horror Writers Association was published in 2006. It includes essays by Mort Castle, Douglas E. Winter, Joyce Carol Oates, Jack Ketchum, Ramsay Campbell, Tom Piccirilli, and Yvonne Navarro among others. Themes include Genre & Subgenre; Horror Business - Selling, Marketing and Promoting; Tradition and Modern Times; Horror Crafting; Developing Horror Concepts; and An Education in Horror.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coffin-Shaped Nightmare Before Christmas Playing Cards

Disney Parks sells these Nightmare Before Christmas playing cards. They come in a coffin-shaped box, but are themselves rectangular. These are the Haunted Mansion Holiday playing cards, and this seller is offering them with a $14.95 Buy-it-now. (Another seller is trying to get $44 for the same exact deck).

NMBC playing cards also come packaged in a decorative tin, which some people might prefer.

But now check out the coolest cards yet: Disney Club exclusive NMBC playing cards, coffin-shaped and packaged in a coffin box. I don't think I could actually break down and let anybody play poker with these incredible cards.


NMBC Coffin Playing Cards Review, at Eerie Erik's Reviews

Amazing Cast Iron Skulls on eBay

Like to decorate in Halloween style year-round, but tired of cheap, cheesy looking plastic Halloween decorations?

This seller, castironskulls, creates darkly beautiful home decor from cast iron.

Here's a cast iron Cthulhu skull. It's hollow and weighs five pounds. The skulls can be modified to be mounted on the wall.

You can set candles into this skull bowl to throw a bit of light across your gloomy manse.

I love unusual and unexpected touches, so I'm delighted by the vampire teeth on this skull.

This red skull is crowned with spikes.

The seller also offers to create custom cast iron skulls to your specifications.

Mostly Harmless Zombie Books for Small Babies

"Pat the Zombie" is a spoof on the classic touch-and-feel children's book Pat the Bunny. Bet you can't wait to read this with your baby, encouraging them to reach out with their cute chubby little hands to caress decaying jaws and empty eye sockets. Delightful!

At bedtime, regale your impressionable little one with a few softly whispered zombie nursery rhymes.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Funko's Cute Plush Monster Toys

You can't predict exactly when you'll need a comforting hug from a spooky friend on a dreary day. Pick up a couple of these monster plush toys from Funko for yourself, as birthday gifts for your quirkiest friends, and your own kindergoths.

Frankenstein features an oversized head and sports silver bolts in his skull.

Wolfman has an adorable little underbite and a cheerful demeanor.

Cuddle up on a cold night, wrapping yourself in blankets and snuggling with your wrapped Mummy plush toy.

Creature From the Black Lagoon might not be the warmest, fuzziest toy, but what a great conversation piece he makes, perched on your patio table or floating on a rubber raft in your swimming pool.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spookiest Way to Open a Wine Bottle

Next time you're opening a bottle from Vampire Vineyards, delight your guests by opening your bottle with this Day of the Dead skull corkscrew. It's by a funky company called Kikkerland.

Then, if there's any wine left over (I highly doubt it) plunge one of these skull bottle stoppers into the bottle.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Monster High's New Robecca Steam Steampunk Doll

Robecca Steam is a robot made by a mad scientist. She wears steampunk style goggles and weird cleaty shoes. This doll is due to be released in October with the Wave 9 dolls.


Robecca Steam at the Monster High Wikia

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookie Jars

Jack and Sally are snuggling in a very romantic place: in front of a tombstone, on this figural cookie jar.

This cookie jar is shaped like Sally's nightshade jar.

Store your cookies in Jack Skellington's smiling head. This figural cookie jar opens at the back of Jack's skull.

This Jack Skellington cookie jar features Jack leaning jauntily on a tombstone.

This spiral hill cookie jar features raised relief figures including Zero, Jack, Sally, and the Mayor of Halloweentown.

I confess that Oogie Boogie is by far my least favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character. But here's his cookie jar just in case you are curious.

Dr. Finklestein's flip-top head makes for the perfect cookie jar.

Search for more Nightmare Before Christmas cookie jars on eBay.


Jack Skellington Cookies, at Seasonally Affected

Callye's Jack Skellington Sugar Cookies, at Bakers Royale

Jack Skellington Cookies, from Belle's Bakehouse