Hell Bunny's Flirty, Quirky Horror Dresses

Tonight I'm really enjoying browsing through Hell Bunny dresses, mostly offered by sellers in the UK. The brand caters to rockabilly, punk, goth, retro and other subcultures primarily.

This Hell Bunny eyeball gore dress is quite possibly the coolest piece of goth clothing I've ever seen in my long years on eBay. I'm not sure I have the quirky, in-your-face personality to pull this off, but I am so delighted just to have seen a picture of this awesome print dress!

This Hell Bunny B-Movie halter dress features retro zombie rock posters. It's a mishmash of black, red, green, yellow and white. Not for someone afraid to wear bold prints!

The same retro horror fabric is available in a mini dress too.

I'm not sure who decided it was a good idea to juxtapose unicorns and zombies in this wild pink and green dress.

It also comes in dark black with green in case you need to get your unicorn on but can't quite face up to the pink.

This Sugar Bone" dress features cutesey pink skulls and white bones.

See more Hell Bunny dresses on eBay with goth, steampunk, Lolita, zombie, skull and horror themes. Find out more about Hell Bunny on their Facebook page, too.