Unusual Goth, Steampunk and Zombie Tarot Decks

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead comes out June 5. You probably won't be surprised that it's published by Quirk Books.

Check out a review of the deck at Zhadi's Den. And there are a ton of closeup scans of the cards at Annie Moore Books blog.

The Royo Dark Tarot Deck, from Lo Scarabeo, features Spanish artist Luis Royo's dark fantasy illustrations. New this month!

The Steampunk Tarot is by Barbara Moore.

There's a review of this gorgeous new deck over at Tarot Elements. And here's a photo-free long review of the deck at Totally Tarot.

The Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot features imagery including skulls, bats, and then inexplicably, unicorns and dragons.

Peek at more of the cards at Magical Omaha and again at Aeclectic.net.

The Alchemy 1977 Tarot deck leans more towards horror imagery.

Here is a promotional YouTube video featuring the Alchemy 1997 deck.

You can see closeups of the cards at Aeclectic.net.

Prefer I Ching to Tarot readings? Here's the I Ching Dead Moon Deck.

The Dark Fairytale Tarot is due out any day now. You can see scans of the cards here and here.

The Favole Tarot is something I'm very excited about. It features the dark artwork of Victoria Frances. You can read a review of the deck at Aeclectic.net.