Skull Bedding to Keep You Wrapped in Darkness of a Night

Sin in Linen is a really cool home textiles company. Here's their Voodoo Bones bedding set.

They also sell a bare-bones (get it? ha, ha) skull and crossbones sheet set.

If you like to decorate with a bit more color, here are Sin in Linen's adorable red sugar skull sheets.

The matching duvet cover has a gigantic sugar skull smack dab in the middle of it.

Street Revival's "Flower Skull" sheet set features a repeating skull pattern based on tattoo art. From the reviews it sounds like the fabric isn't very high quality. Also available on eBay.

This skull comforter is not quite what I'd call "matching," but definitely complements the sheet set.

From the same company, here's a winged skull repeating pattern on sheets.

It also has a matching winged skull comforter set in the same pattern.

Note that some customers are complaining that the sheets are more beige in person, when they expected gray.