Thursday, July 26, 2012

Munsters Paper Dolls and Colorforms

These extremely rare Munsters Colorforms lets you re-enact your favorite Munsters episodes. The front of the box shows the family's hearse car; the play scene is in black and white and features their living room. So cool! Too rich for my blood though.

These adorable Munsters paper dolls aren't antique; they're laser printed reproductions from the vintage originals.

You get five paper dolls (Eddie, Grampa, Lily, Herman and Marilyn). Each doll has two or three different outfits, plus some accessories like hats, purses and jackets.

Unusual Parody Zombie T-Shirt

As you can imagine, I run across an infinite amount of zombie t-shirts in my web explorations. Here's one that finally made me laugh and want to buy it: a Zombie Barbie t-shirt. This one's sized for men. I think it would make an awesome night shirt to sleep in!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Death Sandman Vertigo Figure from SDCC 2012

Several of my friends excitedly picked up their own Death figure, which Vertigo produced for the 2012 San Diego Comic Con. She's based on the character from Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

The Tonner Zombie Boy Doll from SDCC 2012

This special Tonner Zombie doll is a limited edition of 500 pieces. It was made for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con convention.

The doll was modeled after Rick Genest, who was featured in Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" music video.

Silly Goth and Horror Bobbleheads and Headknockers for Gag Gifts

Dr. Finklestein is about the most perfect bobble head ever, the way his head already snaps open!

I love the smirking expression on the face of this Jack Skellington head knocker.

This set of head knockers comes with both Jack and Sally.

The Dracula Wacky Wobbler features a blue/gray skinned Dracula based on Bela Lugosi. Complete with cape!

For fans of classic horror, here's a Frankenstein Wacky Wobbler.

For fans of Tim Burton's Mars Attacks, here's a Mars Attacks Wacky Wobbler. Great for decorating a workspace cubicle. Also available on Amazon.

I'm actually not sure if fans of The Crow would be offended by this Eric Draven head knocker or find it cute and funny.

I'm not sure I would gift this Freddy Krueger Wacky Wobbler to anyone other than a serious 1980s horror flick fan. However, this might make a great anonymous gag gift for a mean ex, cruel boss or anal co-worker.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Incredible Antique Skull Pocketwatch You Can't Afford to Own

This antique doctor's pocket watch features enamel skulls around the face of the dial. The Roman numerals are formed from skeleton bones. Incredibly, this 18th century pocketwatch still runs.

Check out the amazing pictures in the auction listing of the inside gears.

The pocketwatch comes in its original silver and tortoise shell case.

It doesn't get more steampunk than this!

Adorable Rare "Baby Munster" Dolls on eBay

This rare baby Lily Munster doll was produced by the Ideal doll company in 1965.

The same seller also offers a rare baby Herman Munster doll.

I'm not sure why the company felt the need to depict The Munsters as babies, but these dolls are pretty quirkily cute.

The Most Unusual Purse You'll Ever See - Art Deco Devil

This is incredible. I'm so glad I stumbled across this eBay listing. This antique Art Deco figural devil purse has its original silk tassel, mirror, powder compartment, and lipstick holder. The head slides open at the jaw to reveal the cosmetics accessories.

I wish the seller knew more (or shared more) about the provenance and history of this unusual item!

Wicked 1945 Witch Poster

This cool witch poster is a reprint, a reproduction of a 1945 poster from Spain. It comes in several different sizes, but I'd want the biggest one possible. Tempted to hang it in my media room to terrify guests while we watch movies. I'd downlight it with dim lights kept on during the films.

A Wicked Antique Poison Decanter and Skull Cups

I'm really getting a kick out of this Vintage Poison decanter. It comes with six skull cups. Oh how you could terrorize your dinner party guests, serving them a nice dark merlot or a chunky fruit-laden sangria out of these.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gross Zombie Head Cookie Jar

What kind of cookies would be the best to display in this zombie head cookie jar? I'm thinking red velvet cookies, green witch finger cookies or oatmeal cookies for that extra texture. You could also use this zombie cookie cutter to bake zombie-shaped cookies to fill it with, too.

Also available on Amazon.

6 Slightly Sinister, Cutely Spooky Sugar Skull Necklaces on eBay

This rosary style sugar skull necklace features a simple, clean black skull design.

I love the delicate, intricate work on this Bone finish sugar skull necklace. It's carved from resin.

The sugar skull pendant also comes in this nice dark onyx finish.

If you prefer a more traditional El Dia de Los Muertos look, here's a colorful pendant and earrings set.

Or you might prefer the darker colors on this traditional style El Dia de Los Muertos necklace.

This black sugar skull tattoo necklace is a bit on the rockabilly side, but I still really like it.

Living Dead Dolls "Xmas Carol" Box Set

It's a bit early to start my Christmas shopping (I usually start in October and finish in November). But I can't help wondering if this hard-to-find Living Dead Dolls Xmas Carol set will sell out before then. This would be a great gift for so many of my goth, spooky, and dark alternative friends.

The set comes with four mini Living Dead dolls:

  • The Ghost of Jacob Marley

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past

  • The Ghost of Christmas Present

  • The Ghost of Christmas Future

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SDCC Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Exclusives

To celebrate the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Mezco released their sixth Resurrection dolls set as a convention exclusive.

"Ms. Eerie" features long white hair, a veiled fez, and an elegant black sateen gown. Like the rest, she's a limited edition of just 300.

The original Ms. Eerie, from Series 4, had blonde hair and a lacier dress.

Blue features shocking electric blue hair, a ruffly black dress, and fishnets.

This Blue is quite different from the series 9 Blue, who wore ugly plaid pants.

Demonique is my favorite, with her gauzy red demon wings.

She's quite a departure from the original Demonique (from Series 10) who had gray hair and wore a quite different outfit.

I'm scared of the Schitzo clown resurrection doll so I refuse to post his picture here!

Dark, Goth and Horror Themed Ice Cube Molds

I am so buying this Chiller skull ice mold right now. I can think of sooo many uses for this. Not just Halloween - think what a festive goth Christmas party you could throw, tossing two or three of these in every punchbowl.

This blows me away, it's so awesome. Edvard Munch's The Scream in ice cube form. I have no idea how I hosted so many goth cocktail parties before now, without this.

As an extra cool touch, the Cold Blooded vampire teeth ice cube mold comes in a coffin-shaped package. You'll probably just throw the packaging away, but it will be really cool to look at until you do. Meanwhile, drop a set of icy fangs into a friend's highball glass as a surprise. Bonus if you make these out of cranberry juice or red-colored water.

I use these Bone Chillers skull-and-crossbones ice cube molds year round, not just at Halloween!

I'd be pretty tempted to color the water green or brown when creating these Alien cocoon ice cubes.

I love the concept of this alien head ice cube mold, but I'm not sure my guests would understand the shape that was floating in their glass. If I served this to guests in a cocktail, I'd have to explain why their ice cube was shaped almost like a banana. I think it would lose something in the translation. Still, I have to give the manufacturer credit for what they were trying to do.

I'm not sure when octopi became a symbol of steampunk. This Coolamari ice cube mold portrays a squid (calamari) not an octopus. The head shape is a bit wrong for steampunk, and so is the mouth. But still, in a pinch, you could use this to evoke a bit of flair at your next steampunk-themed dinner party. Note that this many "tentacles" could be really difficult to carefully remove from the mold without breaking. (I learned that lesson from the fragile tail on my favorite Seahorse ice cube mold).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

6 Intriguing Goth Tribute Albums

Summoning of the Muse: Dead Can Dance Tribute

Summoning of the Muse: A Tribute to Dead Can Dance

Bands include:

Stop Me If You Think - A Tribute to the Smiths

Stop Me If You Think: A Tribute to The Smiths

Bands include:

Electro Cured: A Tribute to the Cure

Electro Cured: A Tribute to the Cure

Bands include:

A Gothic Tribute to Cocteau Twins

A Gothic Tribute to Cocteau Twins

Bands include:

New Wave Goes to Hell

New Wave Goes to Hell

Bands include:

A Tribute to the Sisters of Mercy

This Sisters tribute album features:

Skull Poison Bottles

Most antique skull poison bottles have a skull and crossbones etched on them, but aren't actually shaped like skulls.

There are a few cool figural skull bottle antiques out there, however. This vintage amethyst glass bottle is by Wheaton.

Wheaton also made this green skull poison bottle. I think this would be fantastic for storing and serving absinthe!