Unusual, Intriguing Dark Cookbooks

Cannibal Kitchen: A Horror Lover's Cookbook features over 90 "dreadfully delicious" recipes.

Chapters include:

  • Frightening Finger Foods

  • Sadistic Sides

  • Slasher Soups

  • Paranormal Pastas

  • Zombie-Plagued Pizzas

  • Maniacal Main Courses

  • B-Rated Desserts

Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes for the End. "We're doomed; eat cake."

Recipes include "Raining blood red velvet cake," "Fallen Angel Food Cake," "Hail the Devil Food Cake," "Nuclear Winter Ice Cream Cake," "BP Oil Black Bottom Cake" "Whore of Babylon Fruit Tart" and "Human Cloning Eggcakes." Hilarious! And I want to point out that the cake photography here is truly exceptional.

Author J. O. Osbourne has written The Zombie Cookbook, The Werewolf Cookbook, and The Vampire Cookbook. All are currently available to read for free on your Kindle if you're an Amazon Prime member.

These ebooks show you how to transform ketchup, marshmallows and olives into gross-yet-edible eyeballs; how to prepare chewy meats that might appeal to a werewolf; and how to prepare naturally red vegetables such as beets and tomatoes into bloody delights.

The Dracula Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from the Homeland of Count Dracula.

Besides the Transylvanian/Romanian recipes, the book includes a few ideas for table settings and decor. The recipes are for meals the Count would supposedly serve guests at his castle.

A Treasury of Great Recipes: Famous Specialties of the World's Foremost Restaurants Adapted for the American Kitchen was compiled and written by Vincent Price and his wife Mary. In a different edition you can see pictures of his house, dishes, china and kitchen as well. Also available on eBay.

From Absinthe to Zest: An Alphabet for Food Lovers.

Not a dark and spooky cookbook, but interesting in that it was written by Count of Monte Cristo author Alexandre Dumas. You'll learn a lot about French cooking in the 1800s, though you probably won't be cooking the frog legs recipe here. Besides recipes, the book contains Dumas' witty anecdotes.

And for kids:

A Monster Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Kids.

The silly recipes here include King Kong Crunch, Bigfoot's Boogers, Giant Squid Sandwich, Godzilla Salad, Cyclops Eyes and Swampy S'mores.

Little Monsters Cookbook.

I'm sad that this adorable cookbook is already consigned to the bargain book bin. Inside, you'll find beautifully photographed recipes for Vampire Bites, Creature Cupcakes, Coffin Critters Salad and Swampy Dip. Also available on eBay.