Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Misfit Leather Shop on eBay

My eBay explorations today led me to this cool shop, Misfit Leather. I personally have chosen not to wear or use any leather products, but everything here is so cool, I wanted to show it to you anyway.

(By the way, when I find and mention shops like this, I do it on my own - the stores don't ask to be featured. I don't know this person and have no reason to promote them other than this is an affiliate link. I just like their stuff a lot!)

Maybe it's because I'm currently reading The Night Circus (and this is the wrong color to go with the theme) but I am so in awe of this leather circus top hat.

They also make a Jack the Ripper top hat custom to your size specifications.

Check out this gorgeous Cthulhu's Minion mask!

Visit Misfit Leather to see their other leather accessories, including arm bands, masks, wrist guards, and harnesses.

Funko's Cute Dark Mini Pop Figures

This Funko Mini Pop Jack Skellington also comes with Oogie Boogie. These are very tiny, at only two and a half inches tall. Great for decorating your desk or cubicle.

I'm also tempted by this set of Mini Pop wicked queens, Maleficent and the wicked queen from Snow White.

Octopus Tableware for a Quasi Steampunk Look

Steampunk doesn't have to be all brass, all the time. You probably won't find a lot of brass serving pieces meant for the table. Instead, take a look at these lovely pewter pieces. You'd have to win the lottery first to afford them probably, but then you could throw the most amazing steampunk dinner party!

Pewter Two Taper Octopus Candleholder

Pewter Octopus Candelabra

Hammered Steel and Pewter Octopus Punch Bowl

Pewter and Acacia Wood Octopus Serving Bowl

Octopus Salt and Pepper Shakers

Steampunk Dolls by Groove

"Raw Muw" is a Dal type of Pullip doll. She has incredibly long auburn hair. She wears a steampunk skirt, lacy leggings, goggles, and cool boots. She also carries a cool steampunk purse.

Eos has platinum white hair which she covers with an aviator's cap. She wears harlequin bubble shorts, and has really cool leathery wings. She carries a weird steampunky gizmo.

This Taeyang doll is called "Gyro." He wears an intricate eye piece, a leather style cape, steampunk boots, and a cool hat. He also comes wielding a tiny pistol.

The Deck of Skulls Tarot

This striking Deck of Skulls is self-published by Sarah White.

It consists of just the Major Arcana, with invented cards including The Web, The Butterfly, The Serpent, The Crow and The Labyrinth. It also comes with an explanatory booklet.

I really like the artwork here! Also available on Etsy.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Frankenweenie Plush Toys are Calling to Me

I know a grown adult woman doesn't really need any more stuffed animals. But these are so cute! I wonder if I could get away with "buying them for the kids" and then display them in my own bedroom instead... Anyway, I'll probably wait until I see the movie before I buy any of these toys. What if I'm as disappointed with Frankenweenie as I was with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?

Victor is the little boy who just wants his beloved dog back.

Frankenweenie Sparky is of course the main character of the movie. This cute plush doll is 8 inches high. I have to say, his long nose reminds me a bit of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Edgar is Victor's classmate, and modeled on famed character Igor.

Plush Elsa van Helsing is a stately girl with black hair and Tim Burton's typical favorite stripey stockings.

The toy I'm most tempted by is this plush Persephone She's Elsa's poodle dog with the Bride of Frankenstein streaked hair.


Frankenweenie Official Site

Frankenweenie on IMDB

Frankenweenie on Wikipedia

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cute Lil Skeletal Furrybones Plush Toys

Today in my web wanderings, I discovered Furrybones on eBay. (I'm surprised I haven't run into these before! Shame on me!) I think they're so adorable. They're designed by a female Japanese artist named Misaki Sawada.

I used to like Skelanimals when they first came out, and bought a few here and there to give as gifts; I never bought any for myself or collected them. But I started getting sick of seeing them all over Target every time I shopped there. So I'm finding Furrybones quite refreshing.

I wonder if I like them more because they are actually smiling, whereas Skelanimals often just have a tiny expressionless little mouth? Or is it because Furrybones are all so different from each other, whereas I feel Skelanimals all sort of look the same.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Furrybones Black Kitty

Furrybones Owl

Furrybones Skeleton Monkey

Furrybones Unicorn

The Furrybones critters are, as you can expect, plastered all over other gifty items, such as keychains, mugs, totes, t-shirts, and jewelry. I think these are a great way to sneak a few darker items into your niece/nephews' lives if they have mundane parents!


Furrybones (Official)

Furrybones on Facebook

Interesting Goth and Steampunk Rings and Earrings on eBay

Wow, this Steampunk Edgar Allan Poe Octopus necklace has a lot going on, but I really like it. Oh, and it also looks a little Victorian.

Also check out the steampunk Octopus ring from the same seller.

I don't know why I've always had a fascination with poison bottles (looking at them or collecting them, mind you, not drinking out of them!) I really like these Alchemy Gothic poison bottle earrings.

This Pinhead pendant looks really cool. I wonder if it would sort of hurt bouncing around on my neck while I walk, due to the tiny little "pins."

Now this is something I haven't seen before in all my web travels. I love how the skeleton's fingers curve over and grasp your finger.

I might feel a wee bit dorky wearing this, but I do like the look of this Alchemy Automaton's Eye ring. Love the way it curves, and swings open to reveal (or hide) the eyeball. Probably a better ring for a guy than a girl.

Living Dead Dolls Series 23 Tea Party

Mezco's Series 23 Living Dead Dolls was released for July 2012. The theme is an "Arsenic Skull Tea Party."

The dolls include: Teddy, Quack, Agatha, Jennocide, and Betsy. Looking at these again, I feel like this is the least scary looking set of dolls Mezco has ever released, and I'm a bit disappointed. I love the idea of the demented tea party theme though.

The first four dolls come with skull-shaped teacups; and Betsy comes with a skull-shaped teapot to serve with.

Jennocide (Cute outfit!)

Quack (Just plain weird!)

Teddy (Yawn, my least favorite)

Agatha (The gothiest)

Betsy (my favorite!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goth Bags and Backpacks for Black to School Shopping

This spiked black backpack is probably more punk than goth. But maybe you could make it fit in with your existing cyber industrial wardrobe.

This monster backpack isn't for everybody, but I am getting a kick out of it.

This black and red shoulderbag is made to look like a pirate wench or Victorian trollop's lacings.

I have to admit, this zombie baby backpack is too gross even for me.

This zombie brains backpack is horrifically colorful.

This backpack has cute hearses all over it, in orange, purple and green. The same seller also offers a similar style Frankenstein horror backpack.

I guess this doctor's bag style hearse satchel wouldn't be good for toting around big heavy textbooks. But if you just need to run around with your netbook, Nook or Kindle, a wallet and a few cosmetics, you'd be good to go. This seller also offers a similar satchel in a Frankenstein horror fabric.

This "Bones" backpack glows in the dark. That's so cool!

This zombie backpack glows in the dark too.

This vampire lips satchel is rather hideous, but it does make a statement!

Here's a cute bat packpack. Let's just call it a "batpack!" It's actually made to hold Halloween treats, not school supplies. The same seller also offers a ghoul treat backpack.

You really can't go wrong with a Nightmare Before Christmas backpack. You'll enjoy seeing Jack Skellington's smiling face looking at you every time you reach for a book.

This cute gargoyle backpack is from Hot Topic.

Why do skulls always have to be grinning, like the one on this skull backpack? I wouldn't mind seeing one growling or looking angry with its mouth closed.