Cute Lil Skeletal Furrybones Plush Toys

Today in my web wanderings, I discovered Furrybones on eBay. (I'm surprised I haven't run into these before! Shame on me!) I think they're so adorable. They're designed by a female Japanese artist named Misaki Sawada.

I used to like Skelanimals when they first came out, and bought a few here and there to give as gifts; I never bought any for myself or collected them. But I started getting sick of seeing them all over Target every time I shopped there. So I'm finding Furrybones quite refreshing.

I wonder if I like them more because they are actually smiling, whereas Skelanimals often just have a tiny expressionless little mouth? Or is it because Furrybones are all so different from each other, whereas I feel Skelanimals all sort of look the same.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Furrybones Black Kitty

Furrybones Owl

Furrybones Skeleton Monkey

Furrybones Unicorn

The Furrybones critters are, as you can expect, plastered all over other gifty items, such as keychains, mugs, totes, t-shirts, and jewelry. I think these are a great way to sneak a few darker items into your niece/nephews' lives if they have mundane parents!


Furrybones (Official)

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