Frankenweenie Plush Toys are Calling to Me

I know a grown adult woman doesn't really need any more stuffed animals. But these are so cute! I wonder if I could get away with "buying them for the kids" and then display them in my own bedroom instead... Anyway, I'll probably wait until I see the movie before I buy any of these toys. What if I'm as disappointed with Frankenweenie as I was with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?

Victor is the little boy who just wants his beloved dog back.

Frankenweenie Sparky is of course the main character of the movie. This cute plush doll is 8 inches high. I have to say, his long nose reminds me a bit of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Edgar is Victor's classmate, and modeled on famed character Igor.

Plush Elsa van Helsing is a stately girl with black hair and Tim Burton's typical favorite stripey stockings.

The toy I'm most tempted by is this plush Persephone She's Elsa's poodle dog with the Bride of Frankenstein streaked hair.


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