Living Dead Dolls Series 23 Tea Party

Mezco's Series 23 Living Dead Dolls was released for July 2012. The theme is an "Arsenic Skull Tea Party."

The dolls include: Teddy, Quack, Agatha, Jennocide, and Betsy. Looking at these again, I feel like this is the least scary looking set of dolls Mezco has ever released, and I'm a bit disappointed. I love the idea of the demented tea party theme though.

The first four dolls come with skull-shaped teacups; and Betsy comes with a skull-shaped teapot to serve with.

Jennocide (Cute outfit!)

Quack (Just plain weird!)

Teddy (Yawn, my least favorite)

Agatha (The gothiest)

Betsy (my favorite!)