Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brutalist Art and Home Decor

I recently discovered the Brutalist architecture movement, which also led to mid-century modern Brutalist decor. Heavily oriented around texture, brutalist objects are sharp, spiky, blocky, molten or geometric looking. Check out Fuck Yeah Brutalism on Tumblr for Brutalist architecture; and a Google Image Search for "art deco brutalism" is really interesting too.

This spider-shaped chandelier is simply incredible.

This welded brutalist sculpture looks downright dangerous. Coffee table decor?

These Brutalist wall lamps were made in Italy. The sconces are made from iron/steel and amber glass.

I'm a bit surprised that this Brutalist chandelier has blue plastic windows instead of glass.

You have to be a real badass to put this 5 pound pewter Brutalist sculpture on your wall and call it art.

This Brutalist light fixture looks simultaneously glorious and painful.

Here's another startling example of a Brutalist wall lamp.

This intricate, sharp wall fixture is meant to evoke a sunburst.

Curious now about what Brutalist jewelry might look like? This Brutalist pendant will give you some idea.

There's definitely a beautiful simplicity to this Brutalist candlestick.

This lamp looks like it has teeth or ribs growing out of it.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Brutalist decor on eBay!

Cool Socks for Keeping Goths Warm in Autumn

These Zombies on them, since most men would wear them under pants where they wouldn't show.

Here's a version in women's knee highs.

I can immediately think of 25 places it would be great to wear these Octopus thigh highs. They also come in blue.

I never can resist black and purple stripes. These have bats on them too!

These skeleton ankle socks are really cute! I'd probably choose the pink ones.

I'd wear these pink bones leggings under a dress, so likely the cool hip and pelvic bones wouldn't even show anyway.

Here's a useful variety of striped skull socks in different colors.

Oh good, I was hoping I would see some sugar skull socks tonight. These ankle socks are cute!

After my regrettable Flashdance phase in the 1980s, I never really want to see legwarmers again. But these zombie legwarmers could be great on someone else.

Monday, September 24, 2012

An Intriguing Piece of Antique Furniture for Your Goth Home

This antique morgue autopsy exam table, made in 1930, is the wrong era for decorating your steampunk, Edwardian or Victorian home. But if your home already contains oddities, bizarre antiques and unusual furniture, it might fit right in.

It doesn't look very comfy for napping or even reading books. I doubt I'd lie down on it very long, in case I gave some knife wielding maniac in my household any naughty ideas.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Too Fast's Cool Cardigans for Autumn

This sugar skull cardigan has a really huge sugar skull on the back of the cardigan. I probably wouldn't personally buy this one as much of my time in Seattle is spent wearing a coat that would obscure the back of my cardigan. But I really love the way this looks!

This black-and-white polkadot cardigan sports a sugar skull on one shoulder.

Perhaps it's just the adorable hairstyle and makeup on the model, but I really love this Frankenstein cardigan from Too Fast. I'd like to wear this over my skirts and leggings I'll wear to keep warm this autumn.

I'm not sure I need sugar skulls displayed on each of my boobs, but here's Too Fast's sugar skull cardigan in case you want to see it. There's a similar one on Amazon where the sugar skulls are lower down on the garment, on the pockets.

Three Cool Goth and Horror T-Shirts for Girls

I'm going to have to get one of these cool Bride of Frankenstein t-shirts. It will put me in a nice horrific mood when I'm sitting around blogging about dark things.

I don't have anything personal against Snow White, I don't need to see her turned into a zombie. However, this Zombie Snow White t-shirt from an Australian company is really cool.

I really like the design on this t-shirt. It shows a garter-clad chick lounging on her hearse that's conveniently pulled up in front of a creepy castle. With bats flying overhead, naturally. The shirt actually is available in many teens, men's and women's sizes.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silly Hats for Autumn for Goths with a Playful Bent

If you're a perkigoth with a good sense of humor (rather than a cranky eldergoth like me) you might bounce around in these adorable Tim Burton-themed hats this autumn and winter.

Some people refer to this style of hat as a "Peruvian Beanie," others as a "Laplander." I prefer to think of it as the Frankenweenie Beanie because then it rhymes!

Also sold on eBay.

This other style of Frankenweenie beanie has a fuzzy pompom on the top for added goofiness. It's also sold on eBay.

You can also keep your head warm this winter with a Jack Skellington laplander hat, in white. (Also sold on eBay.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to wear it in black. (Also available on Amazon).

My favorite is the red, white and black Nightmare Before Christmas beanie. It just seems more visually interesting.

Sadly Unattainable Gorgeous Velvet Gowns for Autumn 2012

Perhaps there's a lucky Corpgoth who could afford to wear this Gucci velvet dress with amazing lace.

This wine colored burnout velvet gown almost puts a tear in my eye, it's so lovely. I can picture a female vampire wearing this as she opens the castle door to welcome unsuspecting visitors to "dinner." I think I see a few Burtonesque swirls to the pattern, too.

Green doesn't really do anything for me, but this Gucci velvet gown is quite stunning. Perhaps on an Irish vampire queen..

I think this criss-cross gown would be perfect for the evening ball on a goth cruise.

Check out the amazing draping on this sheer Tadashi Shoji gown! Sexy.

Not all that crazy about the polkadots on this Nanette Lepore gown, but I love the alternating tiered ruffles on the skirt.

This teal velvet Oscar de la Renta gown is so pre-Raphaelite, I am swooning. For $4790 I could buy a nice safe used car for my teenager instead of this gown.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

D.L. Marian's Gothic Dead OOAK Memory Dolls

This Memories gothic doll has an eerily well.. I can't say "lifelike face." Deathlike face? She stands on a wooden base, wearing a ruffled pink gown that opens to display two more dolls: a bride and groom locked in a deadly embrace.

"Lorraine" is another macabre one-of-a-kind doll by the same artist.

To see more of D.L. Marian's morbid creations, visit Dark Creations eBay store, or

Autumn 2012 Semi-Goth Clothes for Little Girls

Target's Harajuku Mini "Sock Hop Dress," $24

It can be really hard to dress your little girl goth or in a way that stands out, if this is a priority for you or for her. It's not exactly like there's a Hot Topic for toddlers (though we probably should be grateful for this).

But if you pick carefully and are very selective at the mall, you can find a few nice things to work into your toddler's goth wardrobe. Now just because something is black doesn't mean it's goth, so I've tried to just showcase things that are extra special. Maybe a ruffle here, or a way with stripes, or something that makes it stand out from just basic black outfits. And you can never go wrong with wearing Halloween clothes year-round!

Kohl's "Rosette" Dress, $22

Kohl's Polka Dot Dress and Cardigan, $24

Gymboree "Halloween Kitty" Double-Sleeve Tee, $24.95

Hanna Andersson "Twirl and Ruffle" Dress in "Evening Grey," $44

Hanna Andersson "Spinstripe" Dress, $46

Hanna Andersson "Fizzie" Dress, $46

Kohl's Halloween Witch Dress, $24

Kohl's Halloween Polkadot Dress and Leggings, $24

Gap Kids' Tulle Sweater Dress, $39.95