Brutalist Art and Home Decor

I recently discovered the Brutalist architecture movement, which also led to mid-century modern Brutalist decor. Heavily oriented around texture, brutalist objects are sharp, spiky, blocky, molten or geometric looking. Check out Fuck Yeah Brutalism on Tumblr for Brutalist architecture; and a Google Image Search for "art deco brutalism" is really interesting too.

This spider-shaped chandelier is simply incredible.

This welded brutalist sculpture looks downright dangerous. Coffee table decor?

These Brutalist wall lamps were made in Italy. The sconces are made from iron/steel and amber glass.

I'm a bit surprised that this Brutalist chandelier has blue plastic windows instead of glass.

You have to be a real badass to put this 5 pound pewter Brutalist sculpture on your wall and call it art.

This Brutalist light fixture looks simultaneously glorious and painful.

Here's another startling example of a Brutalist wall lamp.

This intricate, sharp wall fixture is meant to evoke a sunburst.

Curious now about what Brutalist jewelry might look like? This Brutalist pendant will give you some idea.

There's definitely a beautiful simplicity to this Brutalist candlestick.

This lamp looks like it has teeth or ribs growing out of it.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Brutalist decor on eBay!