Cool Socks for Keeping Goths Warm in Autumn

These Zombies on them, since most men would wear them under pants where they wouldn't show.

Here's a version in women's knee highs.

I can immediately think of 25 places it would be great to wear these Octopus thigh highs. They also come in blue.

I never can resist black and purple stripes. These have bats on them too!

These skeleton ankle socks are really cute! I'd probably choose the pink ones.

I'd wear these pink bones leggings under a dress, so likely the cool hip and pelvic bones wouldn't even show anyway.

Here's a useful variety of striped skull socks in different colors.

Oh good, I was hoping I would see some sugar skull socks tonight. These ankle socks are cute!

After my regrettable Flashdance phase in the 1980s, I never really want to see legwarmers again. But these zombie legwarmers could be great on someone else.