Lego Haunted House and Monsters Toys

I'm so delighted by Lego's new Monster Fighters sets, but wonder why we are supposed to be fighting monsters? When I play with these toys with my kids, we're going to be rooting for the monsters to win!

I am going to be the coolest aunt ever! (If I can save up to afford this!) I'm hoping one of these days when my little boys get home from school, they'll find this amazing Lego Haunted House waiting on our dining table. I'll build it with them - that's most of the fun. I wouldn't have it just set up ready to go. But after we're done, we'll have a really cool Halloween coffee table display piece. I bet we could even add some Nightmare Before Christmas-esque touches to it and make it work as a demented Nativity set all the way through Christmas and the New Year!

The Lego Haunted House includes over 2000 pieces that let you create this three story mansion. It comes with six mini figures - two ghosts, a heavily armed Frankenstein, a bloody deranged chef, a female vampire in red dress, and a Dracula type figure with awesome pointy-collared cape.

I'm a bit confused by all the contraptions in the Lego Monster Fighters zombie set. There's a car, a weird tomb or building, and a couple.. I guess.. coffins? The set comes with four zombie minifigs, including a zombie bride and zombie groom. Also sold on Amazon.

I am so excited about the Lego Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle I can hardly contain myself. Look at the gorgeous turrets and spires! It comes with a car and six minifigs, including the same Dracula and bride from the Haunted House set. Also available on Amazon.

The next set is The Crazy Scientist and His Monster, which of course depicts Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. The set comes with the castle, two minifigs, and a weird ass contraption to create the monster with. Perfect for re-enacting one of my favorite movies, The Bride. Also available on Amazon.

The Monster Fighters Ghost Train is my least favorite, yawn. The train looks cool, but I don't care so much about the bi-wing airplane that comes with it. Also sold on Amazon.

The Lego Monster Fighters vampire hearse is pretty cool. It comes with three minifigs. The hearse has a coffin you can load and unload (there should be a body that comes in it!) and the set comes with a motorbike as well. The motorbike even has a little orange plastic flame coming out of the tailpipe, haha. Also available on Amazon.

The Werewolf Monster Fighters set comes with a spooky tree (who knew werewolves lived in trees?), a werewolf minifig with clawed hands, and a human monster fighter minifig that drives a jeep. Also available on Amazon.

The Lego Monster Fighters Mummy drives a chariot that's drawn by a skeletal horse. The human monster fighter minifig drives a helicopter and wields a crossbow. Also sold on Amazon.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a wine-or-whiskey laden late night dinner party, invite your gothiest friends over, drink a ton and put these sets together?

Here's a Meet the Monsters book for children, introducing the characters and minifigs.


Lego Monster Fighters (Official)