Too Fast's Cool Cardigans for Autumn

This sugar skull cardigan has a really huge sugar skull on the back of the cardigan. I probably wouldn't personally buy this one as much of my time in Seattle is spent wearing a coat that would obscure the back of my cardigan. But I really love the way this looks!

This black-and-white polkadot cardigan sports a sugar skull on one shoulder.

Perhaps it's just the adorable hairstyle and makeup on the model, but I really love this Frankenstein cardigan from Too Fast. I'd like to wear this over my skirts and leggings I'll wear to keep warm this autumn.

I'm not sure I need sugar skulls displayed on each of my boobs, but here's Too Fast's sugar skull cardigan in case you want to see it. There's a similar one on Amazon where the sugar skulls are lower down on the garment, on the pockets.