Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dark Side of the Home: New Finds


Devil Damask Wallpaper, by Timorous Beasties

Nureyev Wallpaper by Zoffany

Black and White Wallpapers from American Blinds

Thistle Wallpaper, from Morris & Co.


This exquisite dark Etsy shop sells Octopus and Skull pillar candles; Halloween votives; Alice in Wonderland decorative plates; and macabre teacups. So cool!

BurkeHareCompany on Etsy

BurkeHareCompany on Facebook

Not only does Kraken sell delicious and beautifully packaged rum, they now offer some personal and home decor items too. They sell perfume, Moleskine notebooks with the Kraken logo on them, Kraken-themed wall posters, a shower curtain, a beach towel, and a desk lamp.

Objects & Curiosities, at DL&Co.


Casablanca Daybed, from The Room Service Store

Beautiful Metal Beds from Jaz Asbury

Black Rococo Bedroom Chair, from Sweet Pea and Willow

Black Chair Barocco, at Maisons du Monde

Black French Furniture, from The French Furniture Company


Labyrinth Dinnerware, at Z-Gallerie

Kosta Boda Red "Still Life" Skull Candleholder, at Neiman Marcus

Ornate Key Bottle Opener, at Cost Plus World Market

Baccarat Crystal from the Darkside Collection, at Neiman Marcus

Red Serpent Vase, by Lalique, from Neiman Marcus

The serpent vase is also available on eBay.


Ebony and Cream Damask Rug, from Bobby Berk Home

Chandra Venetian Rug, from Bobby Berk Home


Color Obsession: Decor Noir (More Ways to Waste Time Blog)

Vampire Boots for a Frosty Winter

I am giggling at this vampire boot from T.U.K. Shoes. I love when designers have a good sense of humor, and the companies they work for don't hold them back.

Here's how they look from the front.

This is just what I needed for tromping about on cold autumn days. I probably wouldn't let these get dirty at the dog park or snowy in the winter though.

Gorgeous Antiquarian Edgar Allan Poe Books

This incredibly rare antique Poems of Edgar Allan Poe illustrated book is from 1881.

It's in a beautiful Victorian-era binding, and features stunning engravings. Be sure to scroll down to view all the seller's pictures of this incredible antique book.

Here's another lovely antique edition of Poe's Poems, this one from 1902. It also features beautiful engravings.

Prose Tales is from 1903.

It features really creepy black and white illustrations.

The "Raven Edition" is a five volume set of Poe's works from 1903. Inside, the illustrations are in color. Fabulous!

Stunning Tarantula Necklaces

This crystal and black Swarovski tarantula necklace is quite a statement piece. I don't know if I'd personally have enough vavoom in my personality to carry this off. It might look stunning with a low-cut long black velvet gown.

The tarantula necklace comes in many colors, most of them not goth-friendly. I like this purple one though.

It's also nice in a vivid blood red.

I don't really care for the matching earrings, but here's a nice tarantula choker-style necklace featuring just one large spider.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Voodoo Doll Cookies

This "Cursed Cookies" kit includes a voodoo doll cookie cutter.

Once your cookie is cut out, you turn the cutter over to stamp the doll's features. (I recommend chilling the dough cutouts for at least ten minutes before baking, so the designs will stay put when you bake the cookies).

Decorate with red frosting, and stick red toothpicks into the voodoo doll cookies in appropriate places. Serve with a cheerfully malicious grin.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Skeleton Socks for Halloweentime

I'm not sure I would be comfortable wearing garter socks - I think I would be pulling at them all the time. But I like the skull motif on these Too Fast skeleton garter socks. While they might not match someone's Halloween costume, they'd be fun to wear in the October days leading up to our favorite holiday.

These skeleton knee highs will keep you toasty warm this autumn. I personally, as an eldergoth, think it would be regrettable were I to wear a schoolgirl skirt as pictured. But I'd wear these under my knee-length dresses.

These X-ray socks are good for when you just want a little bit of sock, and you don't need to cover your entire legs. I'd want the pink-and-black ones, personally.

I'd wear these black-and-orange Skeleton crew socks year-round, not just at Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disney Villains Collector Designer Dolls

This Disney Villains: Maleficent collector doll was just released in September. I love her! I may have to add her to my doll collection, which I try to keep under control so it doesn't take over my house completely.

She comes packaged in a professional looking keepsake display case. She's also available on eBay.

Ursula wears a fabulous ruffled purple dress and a wicked smirk. (Also available on Amazon).

My favorite is the Evil Queen from Snow White. She just looks so elegantly evil. Also sold on Amazon.

I'm really disappointed in the Queen of Hearts Villains doll. She just looks pouty, and I don't care for the ugly gold/yellow color on her dress. (She's also sold on Amazon).

This Mother Gothel doll is lovely (check out her intricate hairpiece!) but I'm not too excited about Mother Gothel as a villain character. She actually loved Rapunzel, she was just selfish about her love. Not exactly wicked and evil. She's also sold on Amazon.

Silly Edgar Allan Poe Toys and Dolls

Bobbleheads are pretty disrespectful. But I can see the benefit of having this Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead on your desk for when you need quick silly break, poking him til he dances. (Also available on Amazon). This isn't a very good likeness of him, though.

I much prefer the way Edgar Allan Poe's face looks in this Wacky Wobbler. Here, he's holding The Raven on his shoulder. It's also sold on Amazon.

Royal Bobbles made a very stern, serious looking Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead. He's holding a book and has a raven perched at his feet. Also sold on Amazon.


This Poe nodder looks very pale and gothic. Dreary indeed!

This Edgar Allan Poe action figure is posable, but doesn't perform any actions.

This Oddbobbles variation on the Poe bobblehead has him holding The Raven and also The Masque of the Red Death in his outstretched hands.

Mezco created this adorable set of Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee set of dolls as part of the Living Dead Dolls series. Also sold on eBay.

Want something a little more cuddly? Here's a plush Edgar Allan Poe doll. Try not to moan "Lenore" as you hug it.