Disney Villains Collector Designer Dolls

This Disney Villains: Maleficent collector doll was just released in September. I love her! I may have to add her to my doll collection, which I try to keep under control so it doesn't take over my house completely.

She comes packaged in a professional looking keepsake display case. She's also available on eBay.

Ursula wears a fabulous ruffled purple dress and a wicked smirk. (Also available on Amazon).

My favorite is the Evil Queen from Snow White. She just looks so elegantly evil. Also sold on Amazon.

I'm really disappointed in the Queen of Hearts Villains doll. She just looks pouty, and I don't care for the ugly gold/yellow color on her dress. (She's also sold on Amazon).

This Mother Gothel doll is lovely (check out her intricate hairpiece!) but I'm not too excited about Mother Gothel as a villain character. She actually loved Rapunzel, she was just selfish about her love. Not exactly wicked and evil. She's also sold on Amazon.