My Favorite Czechoslovakian Necklaces

My favorite precious stone is garnet (Garnet also being my favorite color) and my favorite jewelry is always Art Nouveau and Art deco style jewelry from Czechoslovakia. Something about the designs makes me feel extra elegant when I wear it. I know a lot of goths prefer Victorian or Edwardian style jewelry, which is lovely too, but for some reason I gravitate towards the Czech workmanship instead.

This gorgeous garnet and copper necklace is way out of my reach, at $1200. I was surprised to see it was made in 1960, not 1920 like I would have imagined!

I own an emerald green Art Deco glass necklace very similar to this one, and I love it, but I'd much prefer it in red glass like this piece.

Long necklaces like this red lavalier piece work well with high necked dresses, not plunging necklines.

I like the tassel on this Czech mourning necklace. It's also a lavalier style.

Check out the intricate details in this Egyptian style snake necklace. I love the red-and-black colors, too.

I love this simple, elegant carnelian necklace.

I love Egyptian Revival style, but not sure about this pharoah head on this gorgeous necklace. Maybe I just wouldn't wear it with a particularly goth outfit.