Silly Edgar Allan Poe Toys and Dolls

Bobbleheads are pretty disrespectful. But I can see the benefit of having this Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead on your desk for when you need quick silly break, poking him til he dances. (Also available on Amazon). This isn't a very good likeness of him, though.

I much prefer the way Edgar Allan Poe's face looks in this Wacky Wobbler. Here, he's holding The Raven on his shoulder. It's also sold on Amazon.

Royal Bobbles made a very stern, serious looking Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead. He's holding a book and has a raven perched at his feet. Also sold on Amazon.


This Poe nodder looks very pale and gothic. Dreary indeed!

This Edgar Allan Poe action figure is posable, but doesn't perform any actions.

This Oddbobbles variation on the Poe bobblehead has him holding The Raven and also The Masque of the Red Death in his outstretched hands.

Mezco created this adorable set of Edgar Allan Poe and Annabel Lee set of dolls as part of the Living Dead Dolls series. Also sold on eBay.

Want something a little more cuddly? Here's a plush Edgar Allan Poe doll. Try not to moan "Lenore" as you hug it.