Skeleton Socks for Halloweentime

I'm not sure I would be comfortable wearing garter socks - I think I would be pulling at them all the time. But I like the skull motif on these Too Fast skeleton garter socks. While they might not match someone's Halloween costume, they'd be fun to wear in the October days leading up to our favorite holiday.

These skeleton knee highs will keep you toasty warm this autumn. I personally, as an eldergoth, think it would be regrettable were I to wear a schoolgirl skirt as pictured. But I'd wear these under my knee-length dresses.

These X-ray socks are good for when you just want a little bit of sock, and you don't need to cover your entire legs. I'd want the pink-and-black ones, personally.

I'd wear these black-and-orange Skeleton crew socks year-round, not just at Halloween!