Monday, November 26, 2012

Dark and Creepy Playing Cards for Goth Poker Games

These Bicycle skull-and-bones cards feature skulls just on the backs of the cards. The face up cards are normal, and the front of the pack is normal too, depicting a woman standing in a spade. Each deck comes with two Jokers. This design has been around since the 1800s but isn't very common to run into at your average neighborhood poker game.

You can find these cards on Amazon also.

"Tragic Royalty" is another weird deck of cards from Bicycle. Check the seller's added pictures for the unusual faces of the cards and what they look like under blacklight.

Ever hip to current trends, Bicycle also now makes steampunk playing cards. Bet I won't see these at my neighborhood Target.

Likewise, they jumped on the bloody zombie bandwagon and produced this deck of zombie playing cards. (Also available on eBay).

Alchemy Gothic 1977, a revered dark/goth shop, has their own tribute deck of playing cards.

I'm not sure if the dark beings on the Guardians playing card deck are meant to depict angels, gargoyles or something else?

Check out the beautifully creepy damask Archangels deck. Stunning!

This is a gorgeous Anne Stokes gothic fantasy deck, but I think the lovely dark artwork on the front of the cards would be too distracting to use in an actual game.

There's also a sequel to the Anne Stokes deck, called Dark Hearts.

"Grimoire" is another dark deck of cards from Bicycle.


The History of Bicycle Cards

Unusual Gaudi Pop-Up Book for Adults

This isn't really a dark or gothic book, but it's so unusual to see a nice bizarre artist's work made into a lavish pop-up book like this, so I wanted to show it to you anyway. This Gaudi Pop-Ups book was just released last week. I'm probably going to gift a copy to the architect I'm seeing. Even if he dislikes Gaudi's style, he collects pop-up books and I'm hoping he hasn't seen this one yet!

The book contains seven different two-page pop-ups.

The buildings depicted include:

  • Park Güell Entrance Gates
  • Park Güell Viaducts
  • Salamander Fountain
  • Casa Batlló
  • Casa Milà
  • Sagrada Família and the Sagrada Família interior


Antoni Gaudi on NNDB

Casa Batllo Museum

Antoni Gaudi Photo Tour

Gaudi House Museum

Works of Antoni Gaudi (National Geographic)

Alexander McQueen Fashion Retrospective Book

This collection of stunning photographs of Alexander McQueen's runway shows would be a fabulous coffee table book if you often have fashion aficionados or well-dressed goths over for dinner. The book just came out in October. Not a biography of the designer, the book focuses instead on his fabulous runway looks and over-the-top designs. There are many, many photographs in this book, sure to keep you amused for hours.

My Five Favorite Edward Scissorhands T-Shirts

I think this "Snowing" t-shirt is perfect for winter Sundays, when I huddle near the fire with a book and a mug of steaming hot blackcurrant tea.

This is a very unusual Edward Scissorhands t-shirt, showing Johnny Depp out of character and posing with the prop hands.

Here's Edward Scissorhands with his iconic woeful look.

Here's an interesting retro take on Edward Scissorhands movie art. It definitely evokes Robert Smith to me.

As much as everything Twilight repulses me, I do love the humor in this Team Edward parody shirt!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Nightmare Before Christmas Lamp for 2012

This is the new Jack Skellington "Tombstone" lamp for 2012. I'm not sure I care for it all that much. I think I prefer my Tiffany-style Jack lamp.

Regal Orange Skeleton Pillows

These pillows are a bit too elegant and sophisticated for the typical family's Halloween decor. I think they would be best suited adding a touch of cheerful malevolence to a black leather couch or a black velvet lounge chair.

Top Hat Skeleton Pillow

Skeleton Crown Pillow

Also available on Amazon.

The Gothic Library of Your Dreams

Oh. My. God. What wouldn't you give to settle back into this antique gothic library, painstakingly taken apart, shipped and recreated in your living room.

You'd be wearing a crimson silk smoking jacket, naturally, and black velvet slippers would warm your feet. You'd likely be smoking a pipe or cigar, warming a snifter of brandy in your hand. You'd fill your bookshelves with antique editions of Poe, Lovecraft, Stoker and perhaps Baudelaire. You might carefully select a book to peruse in your comfy chair by the fire (careful, though, not to warp the gothic library's wood or catch your valuable antiquarian books on fire).

This seller has one of the worst descriptions I've ever read on eBay, with absolutely no helpful information on the provenance of the library. It doesn't appear to have been written by a native English speaker. But I thought you'd enjoy, as I did, glancing over the photos and dreaming of owning such a beautiful room in your home.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What Every Goth Wants for Christmas This Year

This adorable plush Edward Scissorhands is made by my current favorite geeky toy company, Funko.

I really hope Santa puts one of these under my tree this year. (Hint, hint, to any of my RL friends who might read my blog, which is probably, none of them!)

Also available on eBay.

Sort of wish they'd made a plush Ice Angel to go with him!