My Six Favorite Black Chandelier Earrings for Goth Elegance

It took me until I was 40 years old to get over my squeamishness and get my ears pierced. Earrings like this brass filigree pair are what helped finally inspire me to get it done. From Etsy seller Feral Strumpet.

I have an embarrassing weakness for Tarina Tarantino jewelry. Her brand name sadly makes these lovely jet black chandelier earrings cost about 60% more than they would otherwise.

I often like to dress with simple understated elegance, so these black drop earrings would be just dressy enough but not too over the top.

It's hard to see in this tiny picture, but these black chandelier earrings have Burtonesque spirals and swirls in their texture.

I can't afford really nice vintage Victorian earrings, so I'm a huge fan of the 1928 jewelry company's lines. Here are some lovely noir black crystal earrings from them.

Since I wouldn't personally be able to see these spider chandelier earrings dangling from my ears all day, I think I'd like to wear them. I can't handle looking at spiders, so I'm not sure how I'd get these into my earlobes though, with my eyes closed!