Last-Minute Darkly Romantic Goth Valentine's Gifts

There's nothing that says "I love you" like a skull-themed piece of jewelry. While this Tarina Tarantino bracelet looks pink in the seller's photo, the skulls are actually a pale pastel nude Lucite.

For a more traditionally gothic look, here's a Tarina Tarantino skull necklace that she named "Evensong."

Here's a pair of skull earrings that match it, too.

For a more serious understated look, here's a La Mort de Coeur skull pendant by Alchemy Gothic.

I find this "Reliquary Locket" extremely romantic.

This studded heart-shaped clutch bag is by Butler & Wilson.

For your goth boyfriend: A pair of cozy Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas. Or here's a similar set for your goth girlfriend. It glows in the dark - that's so cool! (I'd steer clear of the very unsexy Nightmare Before Christmas Blanket with Sleeves - too similar to the lame Snuggie.

How about a darling little "Bride of Valentine" mini Living Dead doll?

Happy Valentine's Day!