Friday, March 22, 2013

In Case You Have a Sudden Cthulhu Emergency...

One never quite knows when one might suddenly feel a pressing need to whip out an inflatable Cthulhu beard. Whether for nefarious purposes, disguise and concealment, or merry mischief, you'll have your Cthulhu beard easily at hand. Fits in a backpack, trunk or nightstand drawer.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Best Backyard Playhouse For Your Goth Kids

This antique building looks really awesome. But why might I suggest you should acquire it, moving it gently and lovingly into its permanent home in your backyard, letting your babybats scramble all through it?

Because this vintage cupola actually used to adorn the

Perhaps you could fence off your backyard with this complimentary set of grand iron entrance gates from the same time period.

You'll be able to relax on your porch with a nice whiskey while your kindergoths amuse themselves acting out all sorts of hideously dark games and stories with your 1868 historic creepy cupola.

For more information on the architecture of insane asylums, pick up The Architecture of Madness: Insane Asylums in the United States on Amazon.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

LaTi Korean Vampire Doll

This Korean vampire doll arrives in pieces. You put her together and assemble her vampire costume as well. By that time you feel like you really know her. She comes with fangs and a pouty smile.


Goth Up Your Kitchen with Nightmare Before Christmas

This Lock, Shock and Barrel salt and pepper set is a pre-order. It looks like Lock and Barrel hold the salt and pepper while Shock looks on. It's due to ship sometime in Spring 2013.

If you prefer to decorate your table with Jack and Sally, here is their set of salt and pepper shakers. They're admiring one another around the spooky tree. Also a pre-order, due to arrive sometime in Spring 2013.

Here's an adorably affectionate pose between an almost-kissing Jack and Sally.

I can't stand it! I absolutely have to have one of these Nightmare Before Christmas cookie jars on my kitchen counter.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bewilderingly Stunning Masks from Zvenig

Ukranian artist Petrov from Bob Basset Studios creates these stunning, unusual masks.

This Cthulhu leather mask is quite menacing. Is it just the way it was photographed, or is it this shiny?

I've seen quite a few steampunk gas masks (with goggles) in my web travels, and I find this one refreshingly unique.


I prefer this black mask, however, as it looks more ominous.

Best. Handbag. EVER! This is a Cthulhu handbag.

Should you feel the need to masquerade as a horse, here's a leather horse mask.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Adorably Menacing New Funko Hannibal Lecter Figure

New from Funko for 2013! You can now have your own personal Hannibal Lecter keep you company on your desk or in your cubicle. He's dressed in his straitjacket and face mask from the iconic scene in The Silence of the Lambs.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Heartbreakingly Beautiful Vintage Typewriters on eBay

This gorgeous Underwood typewriter from the 1920s has been rebuilt. I can just picture a sassy flapper typing away on it, wearing plain beige office garb, secretly planning to change into a glittery black feathery flapper dress later that evening and hit the speakeasy...

This German Torpedo typewriter weighs an astonishing 37 pounds!

I adore that this 1930s portable typewriter still comes with its own case.

This foldable, portable Corona has glass keys. How I long to strike them.

I'm not sure how fast I'd be able to type on this 1912 Harris typewriter, but I find it so adorable and charming!

This poor old Underwood is pretty trashed. I wonder what stories it has told. It actually looks perfect for a sepia-toned steampunk home decor theme.

This wood-boxed Hammond typewriter would also be good in a steampunk home. But please, don't slap any gears on it. It already has visible gears. Enough is enough.

I have a soft spot for this IBM Selectric, as it's what I learned to type on. Mine was blue though - I would much have preferred to type on this lovely vampiric red one. (I wasn't allowed to use the Correction feature. I was annoyed at the time, but grateful now. Possibly this strictness contributed to my 140 wpm typing speed).

Am I the only person here who is crying because this red Voss typewriter is such a thing of beauty?

This red and black Remington makes me want to write a darkly vampiric bodice-ripper.

I suppose it's time to admit I obviously have an obsession with red typewriters, such as this Olivetti.

Admit it, wouldn't your 2013 NaNoWriMo go much better if you could type your novel on this elegant Urania vintage German typewriter?

This Write Easy portable typewriter is pretty trippy.

This Woodstock typewriter is the epitome of elegant simplicity.

I am fascinated by this antique Braille typewriter. I've never seen one! It's made from cast iron.

Something about this Royal Standard is so appealing, it's the one I'd buy were I to win the lottery.

I don't care to drive a Mercedes (too snobbish!) but I'd love to type on one.

I also wanted to share this amazing vintage typewriter advertising poster. An eerily white hand has been given wings by the typewriter.


Mercedes Typewriters

Smith Corona History

The Typewriters of Naked Lunch

The Virtual Typewriter Museum

Which typewriter shown here is your favorite?

Is there anyone here who has never touched a typewriter, and thinks I'm a crazy eldergoth for misting up over these pictures?

Folter's Corset T-Shirt Tops

At first I wasn't sure why these Folter tank top shirts were referred to as "corset" shirts. They didn't look like corsets to me!

Then, duh, I saw a picture of the back of one of them. They lace up the back like a corset would! Cool! That makes it impossible to wear a bra with them though (Well, you could, but it would look tacky and those clear bra straps are extremely tacky too). I wish these had some sort of structural support in the front for those of us uh.. less perkygoths..

Anyway, the line features lots of monster shirts, sugar skulls, and even a steampunk skull.

The style of the skulls and roses makes these look a bit more on the rocker/rockabilly side than goth, but I still really like the way they look.

Funko's Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Series 2 for 2013

New for 2013 from Funko: Series 2 of their Walking Dead vinyl figures. So adorable!


It's about time we got a Glenn figure! Remember what a badass he was in Season 1? Saving Rick from the tank? Wearing guts?


Here's Michonne, the samurai sword-wielding near-mute who may or may not be in love with Andrea.

Pet Walkers Set of 2

Aah, how we miss Michonne's pet walker zombies. Toothless and armless, they didn't pose much of a threat anymore and made great pack mules. Sadly, their horrific moaning and breathing noises made it necessary for Michonne to dispatch them quickly during the "Walk With Me" episode.

Tank Zombie

"Tank Zombie" appeared in Days Gone Bye, the first episode of The Walking Dead.

These Funko 2013 Walking Dead Series 2 vinyl toys are scheduled to come out around April 21, 2013.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Beetlejuice's Wedding Living Dead Dolls?

What on earth is this? I've never seen these rare Beetlejuice and Lydia Living Dead dolls before. They're wearing red, supposedly depicting Beetlejuice and Lydia's wedding. Too bad these are from an inexperienced UK seller with a recent negative feedback.

If you're determined to add these Beetlejuice wedding dolls to your collection, try this set from an experienced seller, though it's more expensive.

Call of Cthulhu Playing Cards

New from Albino Dragon: Call of Cthulhu Bicycle playing cards. So monstrous! Whip them out at your next poker night to terrify your friends into submission.