Folter's Corset T-Shirt Tops

At first I wasn't sure why these Folter tank top shirts were referred to as "corset" shirts. They didn't look like corsets to me!

Then, duh, I saw a picture of the back of one of them. They lace up the back like a corset would! Cool! That makes it impossible to wear a bra with them though (Well, you could, but it would look tacky and those clear bra straps are extremely tacky too). I wish these had some sort of structural support in the front for those of us uh.. less perkygoths..

Anyway, the line features lots of monster shirts, sugar skulls, and even a steampunk skull.

The style of the skulls and roses makes these look a bit more on the rocker/rockabilly side than goth, but I still really like the way they look.