Funko's Walking Dead Pop Vinyl Series 2 for 2013

New for 2013 from Funko: Series 2 of their Walking Dead vinyl figures. So adorable!


It's about time we got a Glenn figure! Remember what a badass he was in Season 1? Saving Rick from the tank? Wearing guts?


Here's Michonne, the samurai sword-wielding near-mute who may or may not be in love with Andrea.

Pet Walkers Set of 2

Aah, how we miss Michonne's pet walker zombies. Toothless and armless, they didn't pose much of a threat anymore and made great pack mules. Sadly, their horrific moaning and breathing noises made it necessary for Michonne to dispatch them quickly during the "Walk With Me" episode.

Tank Zombie

"Tank Zombie" appeared in Days Gone Bye, the first episode of The Walking Dead.

These Funko 2013 Walking Dead Series 2 vinyl toys are scheduled to come out around April 21, 2013.