Heartbreakingly Beautiful Vintage Typewriters on eBay

This gorgeous Underwood typewriter from the 1920s has been rebuilt. I can just picture a sassy flapper typing away on it, wearing plain beige office garb, secretly planning to change into a glittery black feathery flapper dress later that evening and hit the speakeasy...

This German Torpedo typewriter weighs an astonishing 37 pounds!

I adore that this 1930s portable typewriter still comes with its own case.

This foldable, portable Corona has glass keys. How I long to strike them.

I'm not sure how fast I'd be able to type on this 1912 Harris typewriter, but I find it so adorable and charming!

This poor old Underwood is pretty trashed. I wonder what stories it has told. It actually looks perfect for a sepia-toned steampunk home decor theme.

This wood-boxed Hammond typewriter would also be good in a steampunk home. But please, don't slap any gears on it. It already has visible gears. Enough is enough.

I have a soft spot for this IBM Selectric, as it's what I learned to type on. Mine was blue though - I would much have preferred to type on this lovely vampiric red one. (I wasn't allowed to use the Correction feature. I was annoyed at the time, but grateful now. Possibly this strictness contributed to my 140 wpm typing speed).

Am I the only person here who is crying because this red Voss typewriter is such a thing of beauty?

This red and black Remington makes me want to write a darkly vampiric bodice-ripper.

I suppose it's time to admit I obviously have an obsession with red typewriters, such as this Olivetti.

Admit it, wouldn't your 2013 NaNoWriMo go much better if you could type your novel on this elegant Urania vintage German typewriter?

This Write Easy portable typewriter is pretty trippy.

This Woodstock typewriter is the epitome of elegant simplicity.

I am fascinated by this antique Braille typewriter. I've never seen one! It's made from cast iron.

Something about this Royal Standard is so appealing, it's the one I'd buy were I to win the lottery.

I don't care to drive a Mercedes (too snobbish!) but I'd love to type on one.

I also wanted to share this amazing vintage typewriter advertising poster. An eerily white hand has been given wings by the typewriter.


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Which typewriter shown here is your favorite?

Is there anyone here who has never touched a typewriter, and thinks I'm a crazy eldergoth for misting up over these pictures?