Delightfully Dark Items for Goth and Steampunk Home Decor

This steampunk mirror has an intriguing shape to it. Painted to look antique, it features bat wings and gears.

I have an aversion to cuckoo clocks, as I associate them with old people (both sets of my grandparents always had them ticking away, and my crazy aunt has multiple clocks timed differently from each other in the most annoying way possible). But this cuckoo clock is pretty cool in that it depicts a witch's house, complete with small about-to-be-eaten children.

This amazing gargoyle chandelier is from the early 1900s. I'd love to have this hanging over my dining table! I'd have to stop putting flowery Williams-Sonoma tablecloths on the table, and switch to something darker and more Victorian!

I'd love to store my amethyst and red dishes sets in this massive Victorian Gothic black hutch. Made in Germany in the late 1800s, this has carved gryphons and gargoyles on it. Imagine all the creepy potion bottles you could display in it, too!