Living Dead Dolls Ghosts and Demons of Series 24

The 24th Living Dead Dolls series came out in September 2012, just in time for Halloween. The series depicts mythological angels and demons.

Agrat Bat Mahlat

In Jewish mythology, Agrat Bat Mahlat is the queen of demons, one of the four angels of prostitution. The doll wears a black dress with red shirt, a tiny red crown, and long stringy black hair.

Andras is a demon, a "marquis of hell." He is supposedly male, but this ruffly dress-wearing doll sure looks female to me.

Beelzebub is a Middle Eastern demon, "Lord of the Flies." He started off being worshipped by the Philistines as "Baal Zebub." Accordingly, this living dead doll wears a costume and headpiece resembling a fly's black and red eyes and wings.

Xezbeth is an Arabic demon of lies. The living dead doll wears long flowing white hair, a grey gown, black cape, and two tiny black horns.

Yuki Onna is a snow woman spirit from Japanese folklore. The Yuki Onna living dead doll wears a white silk robe with black oni belt, and ever so long black hair.