Newly Released Dead Can Dance in Concert Album

I'm very excited that this Dead Can Dance In Concert album was just released (recently, on April 16, 2013).

The CD reportedly contains abridged songs/content, however, so you might want to grab the MP3 album instead.

The 16 songs featured are:

  • Children of the Sun

  • Anabasis

  • Rakim

  • Kiko

  • Lamma Bada

  • Agape

  • Amnesia

  • Sanvaen

  • Nierika

  • Opium

  • The Host of Seraphim

  • All in Good Time

  • Ubiquitious Mr. Lovegrove

  • Dreams Made Flesh (my favorite of these!)

  • Song to the Siren

  • Return of the She King

And I am VERY delighted to see that they plan to release a vinyl version (3 records total) on April 30, 2013. Vinyl! I miss it so much!