Steampunk OOAK Abney Park Dolls

I'm really surprised to see these, actually. The seller took an incredible amount of time to create this 1:12 scale doll depicting Robert Brown from steampunk band Abney Park.

The doll's costume features a vest made from antique kid gloves, striped pants, and yes, goggles. Adorable! It's also being offered on Etsy.

This is a one-of-a-kind creation.

There's also a steampunk doll made in the likeness of former Abney Park member Nathaniel Johnstone. The doll sports dread-falled hair and the musician's trademark mismatched socks.

Next up is a doll made to look like Kristina Erickson. The doll is also available on Etsy.

My least favorite doll here is Jody Ellen's likeness. No offense to Jody, or the doll's creator, but this just looks like a Barbie.


  1. I just happened upon this! Thanks for the review :) I believe a lot of Jody's appeal was her Barbie-like appearance. I am a thrift shopaholic and see SO MANY discarded Barbie dolls it was fun to make something interesting out of them. Jody's doll was the first to sell! Nathaniel next and the others are still in my personal collection and available for purchase.


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