4 Beautifully Dark Dollies on eBay

"Gosick" is the Japanese way of saying Gothic. This doll is designed and made in Korea by the Pullip company. She wears a black Victorian style gown with ruffled hem and white lacy sleeves, a black flowery bonnet, and copious amounts of petticoats. Her long blonde hair isn't very gothic, but fits in with Gothic Lolita styles.

"Mir" is a Little Pullip, a smaller version of the standard Mir doll. She wears a red and black tattered gauzy ribbon dress, and long black locks. Her skin is so pale and lips so red, she reminds me of a Snow White doll.

I don't have $500 in my budget for a doll, so I'll have to admire this lovely Volks Dolpa from afar. She's dressed in a lacy black and burgundy Gothic Lolita dress, with tiny black patent shoes, brass colored buttons and a bow in her hair.

This Queen of Hearts doll used to be a Monster High "Frankie Stein" doll until she was repurposed. Not much has been done to the doll's face or body in terms of repaint or alterations, but her outfit has been custom sewn. She also features lots of custom jewelry and an intricate headpiece. I love her bat wing cape!