Beautiful Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Creatures Vinyl Records for Collectors and Eldergoths

Anybody here old enough to remember when you'd hunker down on your bedroom floor next to your stereo, ritually holding the LP in your hands while you listened to the single? Reading any liner notes or looking at the art on the cover and on the back until the song was over? I miss that. Today I'm reminiscing via eBay, and I wish I'd bought (and kept) more SATB vinyl back when I still had a music collection and stereo setup.

I owned this Cities in Dust and played it constantly. Probably twice a day!

I'm sort of surprised to see that they bothered to make this Mantaray on vinyl, considering it came out as late as 2007. I would have expected it to be a CD only release. Cool!

I love the cover art on this 7" single. "About to Happen" was from the Mantaray album.

"Staircase (Mystery)" features "Century Boy" on the B-side.

Every Siouxsie fan should at least own Tinderbox on vinyl!

Here's the Argentinian pressing of Tinderbox.

Interlude: This is probably worth taking up a bit of space on your shelf since it's by both Siouxsie and Morrissey.

Melt: This 12" single features three songs - Melt, A Sleeping Rain and Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant. Love the colorful cover artwork!

Aah, I'm so glad someone preserved and kept this 1978 The Scream on vinyl.

Siouxsie looks so cool on the cover of this Creatures "Standing There" EP.

I'm assuming this Siouxsie Live in Mexico 1995 7" is a bootleg. Am I right?

Something Blue: I think I need this!

It's slightly depressing to see this A Kiss in the Dreamhouse vinyl with a starting bid of just a penny. Sort of deflating.

I tried to buy this Fireworks 7" at Blue Meany's in El Cajon, California "back in the day." But as an import, it's over $30 price tag was out of my sad student budget's reach.

Creatures Tour: Now THIS is amazing sleeve art!

The photo and artwork on this Feast 7" is so badass!

This Into a Swan promo 7" is rare.

I'm a sucker for colored vinyl. Here's the Siouxsie and the Banshees Peel session.

This Thorn 12" single is a Canadian pressing.