Goth Gardening Supplies for a Dreary Summer Garden

It's pretty difficult to find gardening gloves that aren't hideously pastel florals. Here's a pair of black gardening gloves that should work for men and women both.

These Nemophila seeds will produce lacy white-edged black blooms.

The "Black Dragon" rose features dark purple and white spattered petals.

The Desert Rose looks as though its petals have been dipped in fresh blood and allowed to dry for about an hour.

I'm not all that good at gardening, but I've been able to grow and keep scabiosa flowers alive. This is "Black Knight" scabiosa.

These Primula flowers look black-and-yellow, but the petals are actually a deep purple. They're related to primroses.

Someday I'd like to have an all black-and-blue garden. I'd start with these blue viola pansies.

This mahogany celosia would add quite a bit of darkness to your garden.

This "Black Beauty" dahlia has velvety burgundy petals.

This Black Dragon Coleus is awesome - it would look like someone tripped on a rake or paver and bled all over your garden!

Naturally, no gothic garden would be complete without a few bat flowers.

I'm partial to morning glories, but don't really have a fence for these Black Knight morning glories to climb on.

My grandmother was known for growing hollyhocks, but hers were definitely not this dark black color.


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  2. I have never seen flowers like these. I Love them 😍


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