My 5 Favorite Pairs of Bat Earrings

I've only had my ears pierced for about three years, so my goth jewelry collection isn't quite fleshed out yet. I'm still looking to pick up a few more pieces to enjoy wearing when I'm dressed up. (As opposed to sitting in my PJs in front of the computer working, which is how I spend too much of my time!)

I love to wear red jewelry with my black gowns, so I'm extra tempted by this pair of bat earrings with red glass.

You have to have a good sense of humor to pull off wearing these cute, silly bat earrings by quirky designer Betsey Johnson. They're gold colored though, and I really prefer to not wear anything that looks like gold.

These sparkly bat wing and skull earrings may be a bit too colorful and playful for just any goth, but I really like the way they look.

Finally, here's a set of bat earrings that are hanging the right direction! There's a similar pair here on Etsy that I like, too.

For something simpler, I like these plain silver hanging bat studs.