Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jessie Steele's Skull Apron for Goth Entertaining

Jessie Steele is known for their colorful, flowery, vintage retro aprons. So I'm delighted to find they weren't afraid to make this skull apron. Perfect for your next Bewitched-themed party or "Practical Magic" book club.

Adorable Universal Monsters Footzeez Plush Toys

I'm not sure why these cute classic horror monster toys are called Footzeez since they don't go on your feet and there's nothing remarkable about the toys' feet. Oh well! This Frankenstein is also available on Amazon.

Dracula is my favorite. I love his little smirk, tiny fangs, gold necklace and pocketwatch! Also available on Amazon.

"The Mummy" doesn't look very menacing. Dare I say, he looks sort of lonely and beckoning? You can also find him on Amazon.

Yawn, Wolfman has never been one of my favorite characters. He's also available on Amazon.

Cold Heart Colony's Hanging Bat Print Clothing

I think it's safe to assume that if you're a fan of Goth Shopaholic, you probably like bats. Quite a bit. So I wonder if you are as absolutely excited as I am to see this Hanging Bats dress! It's by Cold Heart Clothing in the UK, and available from the awesome goth/alternative clothing shop Attitude Clothing.

In case you're not much of a dress wearer, the print is also available in this Hanging Bat Shirt. Love it!

Visit the Cold Heart Facebook page to see some of their new design ideas, including a skull octopus I think is really cool!

What Would You Serve From This Sugar Skull Teapot?

For best effect, I think I'd use this skull teapot with iced cranberry juice in summer. It would look all nice and disturbingly red.

For hot tea, I might serve an African red Rooibos tea, to give the water a reddish tint. (Not my favorite flavor of tea though!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barnes & Noble Finally Gives Dracula the Leatherbound Treatment

I prefer not to own leather, so I don't personally collect any of the admittedly beautiful gilt-edged leatherbound Barnes & Noble classic reprints. I do, however, frequently give them as gifts. They're just so gorgeous.

I expect I'll be gifting Dracula and Other Horror Classics several times this Christmastime, to my goth friends and the book club/literary types in my life. The cover art is STUNNING!

It will be released on July 7.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Make Spike-Shaped Ice Cubes for Your Next Goth/Rivethead Party

New from Fred & Friends: An ice cube tray that lets you make spike-shaped ice cubes!

Make up a huge batch for your next dark or gothic cocktail party. Surprise your friends with a Bloody Mary or red martini festooned with spike-shaped cubes.

The spike ice cube molds are also available on eBay.