Monday, July 29, 2013

Sinister Taeyang Nosferatu Pullip Doll

This gorgeous pale-skinned vampire doll came out in 2010. Made by Korean doll company Pullip, he sports the tiniest fangs. He wears a dashing red cape, white cravat, black overcoat, and glittery black pants. He has long snow-white hair, and electric blue eyes. Dreamy!

Goth Themed Calaveritas Figures

These adorable little figures are called Calaveritas, based on Day of the Dead/El Dia de Los Muertos traditions. They're just 11 centimeters tall.

The Crow


Jack Sparrow

(Ok, Jack Sparrow isn't goth!)

Funny Old Skull and Hand Salt and Pepper Shakers

This antique set of salt and pepper shakers makes me laugh. I love the look on the skull's face, and the fact the hand has black fingernails! The skull has horns, too.

Incredible Victorian Brooch with a Steampunk Feel to It

I found this antique Victorian brooch last night while searching for gingerbread houses for a blog project I'm working on. I don't see a gingerbread house anywhere on this (I do see a cuckoo clock though) but I liked the steampunk look of this piece, created from vintage findings and antique pieces assembled together.

This brooch features two tiny pearls, a watch face, a cuckoo clock, a chain and some lattice work.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Five Cute Halloween Outfits for Kindergoths

This black cat outfit from Rare Editions would be perfect for your little one's back-to-school wardrobe. This particular one comes in a size six (about the right size for a six year old or kindergartener, depending on your kid). Another seller offers it in sizes 2T and 3T.

This adorable witch hat outfit is for babies age/sized 24 months. Or in many other sizes on Amazon.

Is there too much pink on this ghost outfit or do you like it? This outfit is available in several sizes.


This cute green dress has a white witchy kitty and black stripes as well as some polkadots. I just adore this! This particular one is sold in size 6 months. It's also sold on Amazon.

This black cat outfit comes with a frilly orange tutu! It's also sold on Amazon.

New Goth Cupcake Fabric From Michael Miller

New for the 2013 Halloween season, Michael Miller fabrics introduced Goth Cupcakes. I can foresee soo many uses for this! On a Gothic Lolita ruffly skirt, a goth apron, Halloween decor, goth teatime tablecloth, and to make baby clothes for babybats!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just in time for Halloween - Living Dead Dolls Presents Dracula

Mezco's releasing their Universal Classic Monster doll, Dracula, just in time for Halloween. I think this is the perfect time to suggest the concept of exchanging Halloween gifts. Then I might be able to put on big puppy dog eyes and get some friend to surprise me with this! (Hint, Ian!)

Martian Fiction's Insanely Cool Mini Top Hats

These are the most incredibly creative goth and steampunk mini top hats I've ever seen. I'm only showing a few here - visit the seller's other listings to see their other inventive and Alice in Wonderland themed top hats.

Twisted Nightmare Mini Top Hat

Classic Mad Hatter Mini Top Hat

Dark March Mini Top Hat

Classic Fancy Mini Top Hat

And my very favorite:

Graveyard Mini Top Hat

Tonner's Steam Punk Cami Doll

I have no idea why the Tonner Doll Company named this doll "Steam Funk", but I really admire her style. She wears a leather jacket and thigh high boots. Apparently her backstory dictates some reason she's wearing an eyepatch. She was part of their 2012 release series.

Kreepsville's Hideous Horror Leggings

Normally "hideous" is an insult, but I meant that these Eyesore leggings are really cool! You'd definitely get a lot of strange looks walking down the street dressed in them!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cute Black and White Damask Outfits for Goth Babies

I'm going to a goth baby shower soon (well one parent is a goth, the other is some sort of rocker/gothabilly?) so I started looking around today for a cute baby shower gift that wouldn't just be boring black-black-black. I decided to see if there were any cute damask things for baby girls, and I wasn't disappointed!

This black and white Mud Pie dress comes in sizes 0-6 months all the way up to 3T. I love the way they used contrasting polkadots on the ribbon sash. I know they call this a "party dress" but I tend to think goth babies would be dressed up more often even for regular daily outings or playgroups with their goth mommies.

There's also a set of matching bloomers which also can be used as diaper cover-ups.

They even made a cute matching flowery damask bib!

The matching damask booties are a bit Burtonesque!

For newborns and smaller infants, there's a pair of matching damask bloomers.

For colder days, this Mud Pie top and leggings set is perfect for little goth toddler girls. It would be an awesome First Day of Preschool outfit! Also comes in sizes 0-6 months through 3T.

Eldergoths can reminisce back to the 1980s while dressing their babybats in these cute damask legwarmers.

It might seem a little silly to spend this much on a damask sleeper, when probably the only people who will see your baby wearing it is you and your baby's other parent. But often, babies get dressed in their sleepers about an hour before bedtime, brought out to wave goodnight to dinner party guests and perhaps get passed around for some snuggles. So it might be worth it to show off your babybat in this adorable outfit.

Dominick Murphy's Wicked Alice in Wonderland Paintings

This painting of the wicked Queen of Hearts is by Dominic Murphy. I love that there's an evil jester lurking in her overskirt!

There's also a cool Mad Hatter's Tea Party painting in this shop as well!

A Gorgeous Gothic Pullip Doll - Yomi

The new Yomi Jap Barbara is a Pullip doll that's a collaboration between the company and Barbara Yomi.

The Yomi doll wears a fabulous gothic black costume with frilly skirt, black arm gloves, and lacy stockings.

Take a peek at her headpiece - it's festooned with bat wings!

The doll was released back in 2011.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nightmare Before Christmas Meets Day of the Dead

I can't stop screaming. I am SO excited to see that Funko has negotiated a collaboration with Disney so they could produce this Pop Vinyl Day of the Dead Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Perfect timing, since this year marks NMBC's 20th anniversary!

And here's Jack Skellington in a sugar skull face. So cool!

The Gothic Bar at Home

Let's face it, goths drink an incredible amount of whiskey. You had might as well serve your whiskey well chilled with an attractive, intriguing set of whiskey stones in the glass to amuse your guests. The chilled stones, in place of ice cubes, prevent the drink from becoming watered down.

I don't care for the look of the gold skull, so I'm glad that Z Gallerie's "Mortini" stemware comes in sets of 4 per color. I'd love to have a full set of 12 of these martini glasses with the silver skull.

They also sell a set of similar skull bottle stoppers. (I don't normally need bottle stoppers, as around here, we finish whatever we open!)

Z Gallerie's Poison skull bottle is meant to be used in a decorative display, not to actually serve liquor from.

I also like the look and unusual shape of their Voodoo Potion skull bottle.

New Frankenstein-Themed Books Arriving for Summer and Fall 2013

August 2013:

The highly anticipated Frankenstein graphic novel by artist Gris Grimly. It uses the full 1818 text. I'm so excited to read and enjoy this!

The Monster's Daughter

This is the story of Emily, Victor Frankenstein's daughter. As the daughter of a supernatural creature, she has a few magical powers. Inexplicably, the book is set in Missouri and the Western US. So I wasn't surprised to find this a CreateSpace book.

Shelley Unbound

"Shelley Unbound: Uncovering Frankenstein's True Creator" is bound to be controversial. It claims that scholars and feminists have conveniently ignored evidence that Mary Shelley had much more help from her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley in writing the book than previously thought.

Coming in October 2013:

Frankenstein and Philosophy

"Frankenstein and Philosophy" will be released on October 15. The books asks Why are some Frankenstein’s flops and others historic successes? What is a monster anyway?

25 philosophers contributed essays to this scholarly compilation.

Hideous Love

Hideous Love: The Story of the Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein. Not a biography, this is a novel written in.. verse. Uh, ok? Here's an early review of the book from Sweet Tidbits.

The Lady and Her Monsters

The Lady and Her Monsters: A Tale of Dissections, Real-Life Dr. Frankensteins, and the Creation of Mary Shelley's Masterpiece."

Roseanne Montillo writes about origins of Mary Shelley's masterpiece. She delves into describing the scientists working at the beginning of the pre-Industrial Revolution era, who influenced Mary Shelley greatly. This non-fiction book focuses on the startling science and real-life horrors behind Mary Shelley’s gothic novel.

NY Times Book Review: The Lady and Her Monsters

Oprah.Com: Lady and Her Monsters

Persephone Magazine Book Review: The Lady and Her Monsters

Arriving in December 2013:

Monster: A Novel of Frankenstein

"Monster: A Novel of Frankenstein" arrives in time for reading on dark, cold winter nights. The plot involves Victor Frankenstein, the Marquis de Sade, and a young German named Friedrich who awakens on a lab table to find himself an abomination, and seeks revenge...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fabulous Umbrellas from Il Marchesato

It's not quite time to think about autumn rains, but I do live in Seattle, so I'm indulging myself in a bit of browsing today. I'm enjoying looking at Italian luxury silk umbrellas from Il Marchesato.

Well made and expensive, they're the kind of umbrella you'd invest in for formal goth events and outdoor activities, or gothic weddings, but probably not use for everyday purposes.

The purple ruffle around the edges of this black Il Marchesato umbrella gives it that Gothic Lolita feel. It's retractable, and I'll venture a guess it works well as a sun shade parasol as well as a rain umbrella. (Also sold on Amazon).

The same style also comes in black and blue. You can also find it on Amazon.

This black-and-white Gothic Lolita umbrella includes an extra layer of black lace ruffle. (Also sold on Amazon).

I think this gold snake umbrella could be worked into a steampunk costume, but not sure if "snakeskin" is a proper steampunk style idea or not. Would the Victorians have worn snakeskin? I'm not sure. (Also available on Amazon).