Fabulous Umbrellas from Il Marchesato

It's not quite time to think about autumn rains, but I do live in Seattle, so I'm indulging myself in a bit of browsing today. I'm enjoying looking at Italian luxury silk umbrellas from Il Marchesato.

Well made and expensive, they're the kind of umbrella you'd invest in for formal goth events and outdoor activities, or gothic weddings, but probably not use for everyday purposes.

The purple ruffle around the edges of this black Il Marchesato umbrella gives it that Gothic Lolita feel. It's retractable, and I'll venture a guess it works well as a sun shade parasol as well as a rain umbrella. (Also sold on Amazon).

The same style also comes in black and blue. You can also find it on Amazon.

This black-and-white Gothic Lolita umbrella includes an extra layer of black lace ruffle. (Also sold on Amazon).

I think this gold snake umbrella could be worked into a steampunk costume, but not sure if "snakeskin" is a proper steampunk style idea or not. Would the Victorians have worn snakeskin? I'm not sure. (Also available on Amazon).