Puffin's Gorgeous Chalk Covers for Classic Children's Books

As an amateur typography nerd, I was so excited to see Puffin's new "Chalk" line of reprinted classic children's books. I was thinking this could be a really cool way to convert my existing classic children's books to something that looks a bit more classy, darker and grownup on my bookshelves. (I still maintain a children's bookcase or two in my home, but I'm editing my personal collection that I store in my bedroom and treasure).

I don't really care for "Pippi Longstocking" and don't own it, so I'll wait to see what other books they reprint in the series. (Oh how I hope they do "The Secret Garden!")

Peter Pan

Pippi Longstocking

And not arriving until (sigh) March 2014:

Puffin Chalk "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

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  1. Those look amazing! Although I wish they'd stuck with the same black background for Alice as they did with the others. Looks much classier, IMHO. :o)


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